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Which is how do you actually recognize opportunities during the hard times? Is Dan now first of all? Because if you don't mind we go back to the beginnings of entrepreneurship. You told you a story that just started the to create a product off to hurt their concerns or the complaints off your first client. Which I think is the best approach to do so you should not go with a productive open before you have your first client but there is also specific mindset required to do so you have to be able to recognize opportunities when they're knocking on the door and the way. I see and I understand how you think I think you see opportunities on every corner but not perceiving all of them so my question on that spoke How do you recognize the right opportunities to follow? And then what kind of questions do you give yourself in order to filter the good ones from the bad ones will? It's a very good question and It's not that easy question. Because seven aspects that you need to assess and you need to check before you actually go for it for example and opportunity camps then you see how the opportunity comes basically you see that is a person has a problem so then unique to think. Can I love his problem? Yes or no you say yes. I can't so if you say gum then comes the question. How a night off his problem. Then you started to think about the solution to resolve the problem and then you have to assess if it's actually viable if it's that they cannot worked his enough market the for this prominent to solve these people for example that they face the same problem And then eventually come to the answer. If it's worth to go for it or not you have to seven on steps of these as you said before there many opportunities out there just to keep your eyes open to actually use your mind in order to think wisely Someone who sees the problem and that is market for it. For example that is not laugh is not money needed in order to build a solution then may h should be getting at least the first getting light in order to start moving a little bit to do something to test the market disease daily wonder that's not unique to go. Stay misstep you just you. Just the solution. Indata London you go to the market. You identify Alan. Then you build a small solution then you go to the market you just identify. This throats is right for them. If you get the boasted but then you get the green light for the Then you go back to the lab and you continue to the next steps and then you have final that year to that you can actually introducing market today the market. This is the approach. I I actually in general that means you actually feel throughout through viability protests essentially. Ask yourself if you're the one who can actually go through it than the solution if you listen to some professional investors this is also why they ask for the team set up because they wanna see that you are trying to solve a problem which can be. It can be a sales sales solution. It can be any sort of a solution but if you don't have the skills to hard skills and soft skills to solve the problem and implemented execute opponents than it makes no sense to invest into so I think that approach that you have is very healthy and again you know well done on that point it is also interesting to see that you came up with a with a way to cope with the current Enviros. And that'll be also interesting to know. How did you think how you figure out that? Yes there is a crisis around. Everybody's GonNa be close. There is still something we can do about it well Let me add something to give us. The we discussed the also very important to do to to have for start out the idea to go forward with the actually like the whole process because I can Super Jimmy Dean. Many of the sectors and many other things out of software out of fitness in different markets and different industries by two. Then you need to also ask a question to yourself. Do you WanNa go to the industry. The daily like that's a what you're doing you need to have you know most. Certainly that's also something that I was already getting as an advice. From a on a podcast. They also shared European debt. Passion is the driving force behind the idea but of course I asked to be a case that idea and if you can cover both there is a strong tendency that you actually going to execute upon and make something successful loud so in that point Constantinos. Where do you see yourself with train your pulse? Let's say in two or three years. Which markets are trying to tackle actively? Do you see the greatest potential of your product. Well we eventually wanted to capture Europe. I because I can see. There is a lot of market for the wellness and fitness industry. The only facing problem in Europe is the localization in different languages for example. Usa might be New Zealand market. Because you have the same language within Europe is not the case but again we that. I mentioned that I a thinks that can be is also our tag is not to stay on main to the sides. Klein management is then we want to create the nickname electrically to marketplace and To give x Avenue to the gym owners and also to the users the end user in order to be able to travel down find a gene find their studio find efficiencies. There there are a lot of ideas on the table. Weathe- before we start thinking inventing anything else just need our based be strong to have Client lease and then We that I might do that. He suits and benign question nurse the end users into.

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