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Positive force for the team for the mechanics. Also someone just gelled with with father. It was more than a working relationship. Ernie was a special friendship In the top twenty five was utterly dominant. But but jimmy's teammates Able Didn't win a rice grown pre Jimmy was was a vital element echo. Nice bite spicer. Dr zan construct his championship. It was a drop scores row really needed. The one car so provided in the gym was delivering and getting those winds which he did in nineteen sixty. Three and sixty five. You would win both championships. you've probably would need a slightly different approach now. Our guest but certainly very successful. I'm interested obviously loads. Went onto win the champ shit. Obviously crime here. We're not sixty eight. Your can ruin emerson. Fittipaldi mario andretti. Who d- think any of those are. The drivers got close to being being having that relationship with calling on how you can win in in sort of didn't see our to all and everything was quite combative sort of relationship if successful. But do you think any other jobs. Props got into the call. 'cause i it were. Both dance tells a nice story. Watkins glen nineteen sixty eight. When mario was in the forty nine for the first time will set fast time at watkins. Glen and Mayor said to call in heard him say colin. Just tell me when you want me to put her on pole. He promptly did that and After father set to bulb Jimmy back again. Babies euphoric when he said it. Of course in coastal academic but I think. I think mary was a significant figure. Particularly when it came to ground effects because that was that was quite a technical imperial Wasn't quite straightforward as slapping onslaught posts in going out to win not really didn't need kudlow development unsophisticated development rich. Mary platinum an important palton. Dodson had a had a really Strong relationship as well as having two.

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