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See Charley Steiner on Dodgers radio months he's Grand Slam, helping the Dodgers beat the national 62 of five inning game because of rain in Washington, six straight wins the Dodgers. A half game behind the Giants in the N L West. The judge, the Giants lost the Diamondbacks 5 to 3 by the way, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts says Trevor Bauer as of now will start on Sunday against the Nats despite the sexual assault allegations, Roberts says It is right now in the hands of the commissioner's office, the Diamondbacks made a trade. They sent him a Castro to the Yankees for a minor league pitcher. The Red Sox seven straight wins, They hit four home runs and 15 to 1 route of the Royals. The Brewers have won nine in a row seven to over the Pirates. Freddie Freeman, who was over four with four strikeouts, going into the bottom of the ninth, walk off R B. I single with the bases loaded, the Braves beat the Nets in Atlanta, 4 to 3. The Astros snapped a four game slide seven to over the Indians. Jose Altuve hit a grand slam. The Reds scored two runs in the ninth off of The major league saves leader Marc Melanson. They beat the Padres, 5 to 4. Joey Gallo's homered in five straight. Rangers topped the 8823. The All Star starters announced the Blue Jays leading the way with three starters, including the leading vote getter Vlad Guerrero Jr. Also Marcus Simeon and Tae Oscar Hernandez. Shohei Otani will be the D H. In the American League first Japanese born starter in the All Star game since each euro in 2010, the National League starter will be picked by the manager, the reserves and the pitchers. Those will be coming in the next couple of days. The Washington football team find $10 Million by the NFL's results of the investigation into the team's workplace culture. Dan Snyder taking the Responsibility. Ford in a statement. His wife, Tanya, the new co CEO, will now take over day to day responsibilities. The Washington football team losing an offensive lineman Morgan Moses, signing with the Jets. The Jets just making that announcement this morning, an American sprinter Schick Ari Richardson, a gold medal hopeful 100 M in Tokyo. She's been suspended a month for a positive marijuana test. She tested positive at the Olympic trials and she won the 100 M event there, But the results are now avoid so she does not qualify for the U. S team. In that event, it is possible though she could run in one of the relays, which take place after the one month ban. Is over, guys back to you. Thank you, Brad. We have a target demo Friday. Your last chance to get in facebook dot com slash the d a show. We want to know how you're listening where you're listening. What you got planned for the Fourth of July weekend Do that on Twitter as well. At Morales, CBS at Andrew Bogut at CBS Sports Real We will read your tweets. Your Facebook post set the stage for everyone. Everybody's fun weekends of the year. I do have to go before we break bogus. Bring up that I have found the most unfortunate fun person of Fourth of July weekend. You ready for this? Go. Eugene Tweets him So gross to hear you guys talk about disgusting hot dogs. They are a schedule One carcinogen, You know, like cigarettes. Stop putting this nasty cancers trash in your bodies. So there you happen. That guy. He's going to be like a wet blanket every Whatever. Fourth of July. You might as well go to the gender reveal. My sisters were invited to get lost. Get lost. Yes. Our cigarettes, salads. No, I mean no, they're they're definitely not our hot dogs, salads. No correct or hot dog cigarettes. I'm not seen their health. But come on. I mean, can we please stop? I'm not to have a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and somebody's gonna tell me to go ash, the pig and the other side to get lost. All right. Your tweets, Your Facebook posts Happy Independence Day We close out the show Next. That's the D a show on CBS Sports radio. Having.

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