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Carissa Swisher editor at large Recode and I'm Scott Galloway. Professor of marketing at NYU stern school of business and founder of Gartner l. to and also kind of easy lawn care us. No, no, I'm sorry. I'm the Kimball. You're the eel. I'm here because of the cowboy hat because you like me. Let's me that's about it except I one hundred percent less marijuana smoking, but we we're talking a little bit early this week than we usually do. Things might change, but I haven't been here that, but Scott, so wise predictor of outcomes. What's happening this week is going to keep haunting the world of tech in business for months to come. So let's start with the big topic. Yeah, Facebook, the data breach. What are you hearing? What's what's the skinny. Well, I think it's a lot worse than people. You know, it's really interesting. Cavenaugh has sort of pushed everything off the front pages, and if you could imagine a big data breach like this, not being that big a deal at people just jump all Japan. I it because of the news cycle is so crazy. It's kind of fascinating. I think it's a major thing. And once again marks were is apologized said he's going to do better next time and and I think it was problematic as far as I can tell you about it is it's only gonna get worse, right? Yeah. A couple of things. These guys never say as one your privacy standards are accidentally strengthened. You never hear that and to you. Never hear. Oh, wasn't as bad as we originally reported. My understanding is he's already come out a second time and on that call, he sounded tired. And my sense is you shouldn't feel that way. He should sound scared. This is just getting, you know, I wrote a blog posts on this. I feel is if Facebook's turning into the information age, KGB minus the charm. Now, at least the KGB has a code their little of their country the little to each other. As far as I can tell you only glue here is boundless greed and a willingness to lie over. Over and over that too much CARA. Is that much? Yeah, it is. But here's the thing you last week, you called it a great vibe. I think it is because why does capitalist economy and people would rather we now worship at the altar of innovators and billionaires, people are going to be outraged by this. There'll be some foot-stamping and congress. Maybe something happened, maybe one and they're gonna nounce the best numbers ever. They're gonna continue to grow thirty percent a year despite this hacking and then the phone number scandal to explain that explained that they they, they use it to party authentication. I wanted Ishmael security. Facebook says, fine. Give us your phone number. You give them your phone number, and then we found out that Dunkin donuts was using those phone numbers to cross reference and target us. So if Dunkin donuts has your phone number, they can say, hey, we have cares. Phone number, can you do you have it? And they say, oh, yes, we did. So these people, I mean, technically, you think, okay, this isn't that bad, but it's it reflects, oh my God, he kidding. I didn't want to give them my number for that. I gave him a better security on this service that has made the general could stall. You know, they say the saying is if you're not paying for something you are the product. And that's how they treat us. They treat us like a product that's an animate, and I just they aren't showing a certain level of respect. I think for their consumers feel from from the cancer part of this world, there's nothing safe really, but the fact that this is a company that has had so many failures this year that it's hard to count them at this point and hack is, you know, before we when when people are online, they're like, oh, this is just like the rushing them like, no, the Russians wasn't a hack. It was the way they were using the system the way it was used. This is a hack. What do you? What do you do from a marketing point of you? Inside of Facebook when this stuff is over to your crisis, man, there's only three things you have to remember..

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