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The new york times the students have joined forces with a wellfinanced and energize liberal infrastructure that's been laying the foundations for years for national push for gun control that's led to criticism that their causes less spontaneous than it seems here's the quote from alan gottlieb this isn't just a few kids from parkland high school who started a national movement they've been swept up in it said gottlieb of the second amendment foundation a gun rights group the gun prohibition movement in this country is pretty organized and any time there's a tragedy they jump on it and try to get the victims to work with them according to the times such critiques infuriate the teenagers who have worked furiously since last month's massacre at their marjory stoneman douglas high school where seventeen people died here's my reese's i'm seventeen the kid says i can't rent a hotel room said cameron caskey now i quoted some stuff from cameron caskey a couple of shows back i won't go into all of that don't have time but these are kids that believe eighteen to twenty year older kids and don't want to be adults when they're eighteen i don't know what they want their lobbying for destruction of their own constitutional and civil rights and you know they have a right to do that that's fine but if you think for two seconds that these kids put this march together i had skipped coryell on the program earlier this week remember skip coming on the program skip by himself single handily with some help from his wife put together the second amendment march on washington dc in two thousand ten and it was quite an event and it was nowhere near this it took him a year and a half these kids did not figure out how to get permits didn't figure out how to do all this they didn't figure out how to get cds and democrats to give them buses trust me when i tell you this the kids.

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