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As we take a right up until six news is going to join us covers the jets is going to join a top of the four o'clock hour before that twenty conversation on the phone so we'll make school jets and giants into the talk as well all Yankees to Hoboken New Jersey we go it's sad that the fed was going on said a military man happy holidays happy holidays Seth I wanted to quickly take it to the mat I feel like the campus dining is one that are met fans are thrilled about seems like a no brainer move from both and with his hobby the obvious need with the bull pen and then also he is tied with Beltran Juan your thought there I don't necessarily think their don I mean just looking over the remaining I guess relievers out there in the market there's not necessarily a few guys that really moved the needle I mean there's a couple names that would definitely help I think will harass from Houston might be a benefit but I want your thoughts on the ball kind of the whole and yet anyone else that you thought would be out there and then lastly your boy Martino when he broke the news you put a video out he's got the flu Manchu bow and I wanted to see if you could probably put in a word to him to get that get that in those Seth I mean these are being yeah I'll agree with you I think the of a moral man look for A. B. Martino is not really that good looks looked like he was about to hop on a Harley and had cross country I don't think it works for a few more Tina I would agree with you there I think him breaking the news about deliberate tenses sporting that mustache was very startling I would agree with that now he is on vacation if that's this desired look he wants to have while he goes on vacation all while you're in the camp forcing guy not to they will grow a mustache I'm jealous I can't grow moustaches jealous of any more to you know being able to do so and get it to look like that would be the look that I would go for it would not be but I doubt he'll be sporting that look on as to why now to the big news about the chances I think this if you're asking me is there gonna be another secondary or tertiary moves to the bullpen act I don't see it I I think this is it are there other guys that could help yeah will harass me Hudson is a guy would be a leader at their their arms that are out there and the Mets might go bargain basement shopping I did find a another reliever to head into the makes and in hope of may be yeah catch a lightning in a bottle as the cliche would go or for calendar year but in terms of a a big money one year deal for a reliever arm that's established are the pretences was the move let's head out to the Bronx it's Louis it's the family's gonna Louis and motion I wanted I want to get back to this Jimmy Johnson don a flawless yeah hi in a piggy back off the other guy is pushing it down he was called in for and not only was the head coach who's in charge of player personnel about it also if you look at his entire five years with about sixteen will go over five hundred I would call that a failure now he was called I believe it was twelve for inclusion in a tool nine of savage independence okay now is folly here's the link best offense in the National Football League when he first took over that first year what what what any Jim arena with an aging lecture I knew what the Miami Dolphins he won eight in eight six zero one nine and seven thirty four twelve and four was his last year with the Dallas Cowboys okay all right so with the dolphins nine and seven with the dolphins ten and six with the dolphins nine and seven with the dolphins so in four years with the Miami Dolphins he was six eight games over five hundred right okay so if you want to say that's a resounding success Jimmy Johnson with that was that was not he won fifty five percent of his games of Miami I will get that Louis when he takes over if you want to go back in history when the retention of the failure of the same yeah right Eddie re down in Philadelphia went to multiple NFC championship game before they finally broke through we got themselves Lucille Ball where the patriots are way down there in Jacksonville talk about T. C. just like Jimmie Johnson won two super bowls in Dallas and could I want to get that that switches Superbowl I agree with you there but when I I'm sure you say he turns a developer of quarterback would you look at what he has been able to do in Kansas city if he doesn't if he doesn't win the Superbowl I would look at kids who've been a failure and I will be the re what hi your career was a fair use never got he's a great head coach donor regular season for some reason something happened what what that's it but we're we're changing the discussion the argument if you want so good you won't get any read and will look at him I I grew the in in the in the it's inherent in the comment that you make this is a you say it he's a great regular season player when you say coach is a great regular season coach there's an insult that comes along with it that they're not great post season players now disagree with that I think you just last year I think I've no doubt shot I'm was a great regular season coach was was was as tight as a drum come the playoffs no doubt about it Andy Reid's last year in the AFC title last year in the AFC title game the last year earlier this year he got better than I what is he can't line up all sides of the fence the lack of adjustment that you talked for them what that what that for them well once again for the entire half year for them to be able to not just offensively to what the patriots were doing defensively I mean that does fall on a calls in that game I mean we never got it now helmet on a personal Politecnico went in at over time and I and then later for a quarter the parts will get a lot of bogus calls and the freshly the the personal file blow to the head that never hit Brady's at never date was if you want if you ask any read twenty years from now if he does want to sue bowl will he look as being a huge not come absolutely Jimmy Johnson okay forget about him a German Johnson two championship her wanted very quickly so they would one day maybe another one after that would go down to Miami I don't know the bottom line is it's not a failure to honey it was in Australia I well we can I mean Louis we can agree to disagree when I when I don't want to see a wonderful what was your wonderful how many how many had called you still have the Superbowl I mean not not you see I I don't understand why you think it's some personal affront I mean we're going back now we're going back twenty five years I need to go over the dolphins one ninety six we're going back twenty three years ago for sure with my mom is ninety six three you're absolutely sure the cab was with ninety three when he won twelve four so when he takes over the program and when he takes over the team in ninety six yeah I thought I'd most dolphin fans thought that they were gonna be celebrate one of its Lombardi trophy Super Bowl gonna happen well that's all I was a little you know I thought that would be better results over the course of the four years Jimmy Johnson he asked him thought he would probably have better results to record was not great no one's taking away with what he did down in Dallas for the cowboys south of Pittsburgh PA it's Sammy it's about what's going on Sammy army and he he is so wrong so wrong and I'm gonna tell you exactly why when you are in the top thirty two in your profession I don't care if you go in sixteen year head coach in the NFL now take reach record in Philly and take his record in KC hi this and I will take read any day of the week as any sane minded NFL lover would because you're guaranteed to pretty much go to the playoffs every year regardless of the quarterback regardless of the running backs name crew receivers that were great if you coached you're right well now he's got Sammy Watkins this year hills available I'm not talking about ray Shawn Jackson I I'm talking about his past I'd say there was never right there how about tomorrow inch okay fine show Jack wasn't over Seaver and not not saying that they weren't how did he handle their egos well we well we Trillo wins was basically don't push up some woman it's for a pen in Philadelphia correct it was cold outside of them we talking about here well listen all I can you say you had a lot perfect I don't see he handle anything perfectly but when you're in the top of your profession in thirty two listen would you like to be in the top thirty two sports casters in the United States yes absolutely would be of course you would have to do is we're talking about here what is what yes we all understand find in the be a head coach actual football league is a difficult job to get I get that and the jungler you have to be a juggler in a circus because you have egos every I give him respect because he took minimal and marginal players and elevated them to championship status at listen give me the NFC championship every year the AFC championship game I'm Hey Sammy I think you know if you look down in these days in Philadelphia with the eagles they were tab that was talent on the team fry Westbrook at running back Donna make dad a quarterback Terrell Owens there were they he had talent on the team let's not make it out to be like he took you know as a team of never has and never will be is and and raise their level and they got to the NFC championship game here and you're out there was skill and ability there there's no knocking and let's also not forget I mean he had a hell of a defensive coordinator one point in time god rest his soul and Jim Johnson to it was a good as it gets as a defensive coordinator of the National Football League.

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