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We'll get to that point. So that an interface could be put in my brain would recognize. My thoughts and similar league could could recognize your thoughts but at the moment the system for doing that would have to be. I would have to sit down and think all of the thoughts. I might possibly want to communicate through the interface and a scientist or an algorithm would have to match up those thoughts with those brain signals. And now i think at the moment is a fundamental limitation for how these interfaces could work that calibration process works for movements in a small number of directions but when you start thinking about the totality of memories that you could have will or ideas that you could hold in your brain. We're gonna have to come up with some better way of calibrating. The system and that to me is a scientific question. And we don't currently know the answer so it may be the science that we discover in feature will allow interfaces to somehow generalize and not require this very time consuming calibration stage. But we haven't got back the moment now. I think it's a fascinating question to ask there. Lots of people doing really great research in this area. And i also think that the neuralink device can be great tool in helping research along. But it's not necessarily certain. The trajectory of brain machine interfaces will follow that same trajectory that speech recognition has followed where it's gone from being a very experimental thing in a in a few decades to being really kind of commonplace technology professor. Andrew jackson bringing our program on machine interface technology to a close. We also heard from dr nicole vincent. Sa- girl samuel nathan copland and assistant professor jennifer challenger. My thanks to co-producer current savannah and also edwina start. I'm antony fennell until next time cheese. You've been listening to an abc podcast. Discover more great. Abc podcasts live radio and exclusives on the abc listen up..

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