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Thomas edison was out to show that he was a scientists not just an inventor james craig watson from the university of michigan was out to find a planet called volkan and mariah mitchell from vasser who was uh a rare female scientists in fact by far the most famous one of the united states was out to show the american public that women could be scientists well with edison uh this solar eclipse was in advance of him discovering the light bulb in a i guess twodegree this kind of helped him down that path yet was so it's a fascinating fascinating time in the life of thomas edison he went west in eighteen seventy eight for this total solar eclipse right after he had become a global celebrity because of his invention of the phonograph me up and the very day after he returned from wyoming he started work on the light bulb and there are some subtle ways in which his eclipse expedition help him with the light bulb frankly most importantly because of his what he learned about public relations which was key to his ability to raise money and keep the press on his side while he worked and worked and worked to perfect the light bulb so i i guess twodegree he had kind of developed some of that pr knowledge when he went through the development of the sodigraf but you know this this this understanding was a little bit heightened beyond that correct exactly well so yeah he i mean edison was just a natural with pr uh but he in the summer of 18 78 he just had the the newspapers wrapped around his finger as he headed west for the eclipse.

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