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In five minutes. Wait are halves in about 45 seconds. The sauce is what does it It's a good burger. I'm not gonna lie. And Chief I'm sorry. I'm eating french fries. Let me put these away. Those are a bit soggy, but they're good. You know you just real potatoes. Yes. Are good. Yes, okay. 709 the time we're gonna have back to the phone lines Mike in San Antonio, Colleen us on Kayla News Radio. Good morning, Mike. Good morning. I love in and out burger, Especially when it's hot and fresh. Yes. Anyway, I just had a comment. I'm a truck driver on the road. I wear a mask. Everywhere I go. I go into truck stops great facilities everywhere. E can still smell things. When I wear that mask and the other day I was dealing with a guy and he was standing 6 ft. Away from me wearing a mask and we're talking and I could actually smell his bad breath. Really in his masked man. How bad is your breath? Have to be smell it through two masks. That's crazy. The effect of the seven but Yeah, kind of. You know that guy I just wear with caution and hope that I don't catch anything out here on the road. Yeah. Well. Gingivitis isn't contagious, Is it? No, I don't think so. But that's I haven't had that happen. I haven't either. I can't smell in the mask except your own. Which is not great, sometimes sometimes not great, right? But Smelling. Somebody else's that before about through their master, we're talking about their breath. Yes. Okay. What do you think I was talking about, You know, smelling somebody else's. I don't know. I just put my headphones on. We'll tell you going into the bathroom and you have a mask on it helps a lot. You don't smell as much as you usually Diogo. There's nobody in our bathroom. Not here. Just taking a poll. We're not wearing masks. But you are the public bathroom diva Rick and I don't do that. We don't go to public bathroom out of public bathrooms every No way. Don't do it. Kathy Lee doesn't have that option. That's true. And I understand that. What sometimes you gotta go. Yeah, you can't just like hold it. You gotta have a talk with the Constitution. Get a little more discipline. Yeah. Doesn't happen. You discipline your body, right? You train your body and Rick and I can pretty much although we won't detail what time of the day and all night. I mean, Dave, you just had giardia. Whatever it was that was three months ago. Yeah, Okay. So when that happened to you, did you not have to go to a public place? No. You never went into public thing. No, That's my man. Right there, my man. No, I did not. My ballistics in this building. Hmm. Then this building was put up. I think 20 years ago. So we've been here. You know, we've all done shows not together. Now we're doing shows together. Have on Lee one time. Gone to the bathroom in this bathroom and I had to throw up of sick. That's unbelievable. Well. I don't know if I'm proud of it, but that's a fact that's called being regular regular. Whatever. Except time. You know that we know you got a problem and get yourself some great nuts. This is the thing. What if you we used to do the afternoon show, Then you did. The more I mean, you had different day parts, right? Yes. So what time do you go? If you're not going between, like six in five? Well, I didn't say I didn't go. I go at home going. You'll be right there going the same time every day. You've done a show and I go. You know, I'm really not sure I want to tell the world here. But like in the morning, I get up like 66 15. So before I come to see my best my best friends Yeah. Ricketts up it or write for what do I have to say? What I do Think it e leave the house at 5 15 and I go in five. There you go. There you go. That's not get regular. Eat yourself some great nuts happy I don't care what I eat. It's not happening by the way that in and out burger grew on me. I know she gets good, innit? Man? They're going. Uh, yeah, not even not one bad bite. Perfect ratio. Bundle Burger. I agree who It was Good. We could get down to perfect ratio talk perfect ratio. Never heard that for a hamburger. Then I get it. I understand. I do know you do too. You know what? You've got to try it hot Whenever the lines you know, go away, go in about three months. And the fries too, when they're hot. I mean, they're really good air. Good shakes are good too. I guess somebody said the strawberry shake, right? I love Strawberry shakes their good better to rob in Denver Joins us on cable news Radio morning, Rob. Yes, I think the last guy with him on his own breath. I don't think you can smell somebody's also breath. No man abilities. Old breath is the best way to do it that I've always heard. I tried it. Lick your wrist and smell it. If you can smell that you have that breath, you know, because he won't like, but you know he's gonna catch something. He's probably smelling where he was that with a lot lizards them being that he's a trucker. Uh oh. Okay. Alright. Maybe, probably right. Well, that's what rob calls them. They do. Call him that lot. Lizards. Yep. Mm. Okay? Mm. They have prostitutes that the sum of the truck stops. Kathy didn't know that we figured out what a lot lizard was. You didn't know that, Cathy No, actually shows up. I know, but I've been to truck stops. I've never seen a prostitute. You don't drive a truck. What are you doing in a truck? Stop! Would you stop to the truck Stop to get gas with truckers. This is a different now, but not our usual. What part of the truck Stop! Are you talking to know what truck stops? There's usually trucks that are parked overnight on the side. That's where they Yeah, I was just in movies. Truckers call us that just like we've done shows on this before you were asking for verification. I mean, we know I mean, truck stops, Lot lizards. Yeah, it happened. I thought it was just a movie thing, okay? Frank. This picture, Kathy Driving a big rig to the truck. Stop this unit, driver car on the truck stops and just look observed. Gemma Dameron, Kaylie NewsRadio. Morning, Jim. Hey, guys. They even Rick. You guys must duct tape your buddy. And because I'm a duct tape are buttoned. Hmm. I'm a few.

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