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Marcello reporting joey gatewood heading to ucf to be reunited with his former coach. Gus malzahn remember. He was at auburn. He left wants to kentucky. He left and now he's heading to or landau. Okay we're back. Let's get some calls in here. Busy show already with dawn. Staley joining us earlier. We will take your phone calls right now. And that is up next in san paul. Look i want to beef way selection by. I wanted to tell you something paul. That really means a lot to me. I tell you i guess. He butter pau l. Consider augie look at voter. The guy had called an alabama fan special. I feel like a broader paul. This show family. I owe to you for being there for me being kind compassionate for me help me me. I'd be lost. No more paul. Initially what you said about if there were few you'd be proud of me and i'll find it weird but that day comes they go hug. Well thank you. I appreciate that in a i. I'm so glad to hear what you said. And you know we love you here and we hope to see you this fall. Hopefully and all you will alabama game palmer but you'll see me algae and all them. We're listening to that. Means a lot to all of us and you continue to take care of yourself. Okay thank you very much. Jake is up next in memphis. Hello jake paul appreciate you taking my call thank you. I wanted to wanted to get your thoughts on on danny white the they d for ut and and what do you think he's been able to accomplish in short time on the job. So far knoxville. Well i think he what he had to do was get some stability in chaotic situation. And you know. He made the higher to josh hypol- and he really He resigned patillo or the baseball coach. Wise i think those are essential things. And i think now he's got to figure out a way to to bring in more revenue and and raise money which which really are critical components. How have you seen his performance. I personally been impressed with him. So far You know. I believe he's. He's starting to compete donor interest. And and again i think he's reignited the fan base to a degree about bringing in a a modern high powered offense that really just premium programs never seen before and and recently in a move that you know quite frankly i think long been overdue Through one of his initiatives ut's going be permanently honoring by way of statues. Around newman stadium. The of of lester mcclain and jackie walkers congress holloway and martin and and. I'm sure you're aware there. Those are pioneers racial equity and s. You i agree with you on that. I think of all the things that he's done that might be the most Significant and i would take my hat off to that because the all four deserve this honor and a couple of them it is way way overdue. Hey thank you for the call. We are heading to a break restoring in the next hour in more of your phone calls..

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