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Year old eric rivera thirtythreeyearold aaron cockfield and thirty eight year old gary sweet were arraigned yesterday the shows aren't releasing many details about the death of twenty nine year old joshua leveque is body was found saturday morning at his division street home in fort plain anyone with information is asked to call police w g y morning news time coming up on five thirty three another hot day in fact temperatures again in the mid nineties schenectady police say the man police have now identified the man whose body was found along the shore of the mohawk river in schenectady this past weekend schenectady police say the man found dead is forty year old ronald johnson of schenectady johnson's death is not consider richard suspicious johnson's body found by the reverend richard carlino the pastor of saint john's the evangelist and saint anthony's churches carlino found the body what he went to work on his pontoon boat jim gangway already newsradio eight ten and one zero three one w g y federal investigation into the facebook and cambridge analytica data sharing scandal is growing washington post reports that the fbi securities and exchange commission and the federal trade commission have joined justice department investigators to look into whether data from seventy one million facebook users was improperly used by cambridge analytica investigators are now trying to find out what facebook new three years ago when it found out that cambridge analytica had obtained the data they tie boys soccer team that was missing in a cave may not be coming out of that cave for months rescue crews are battling rising waters as they try to supply twelve boys and one coach with food medical supplies tire army says boys may have to learn how to dive or wait months for the flooding to go down military said the team will be supplied with food until they're freed team reportedly entered the cave to.

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