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WNYC in New York I'm Jamie Floyd the New York City police officer killed early Sunday was hit by friendly fire police leader said today W. N. Y. C.'s yachtsman cont reports officer Brian Moore king was the second officer to die in the line of duty this year and also the second to die by fellow officers police commissioner James o'neil says the department is still reviewing body camera footage from the scene but what they do know is that multivitamin his own weapon five times other officers on the scene fired ten two of those rounds hit McKean it was a violent struggle and from start to finish from first round to last round was ten seconds the suspect they were pursuing Antonio Williams was also killed in February detective Brian Simonsson was killed by a fellow officer during a chaotic shoot out when responding to a robbery the number of New York City empty retail spaces has nearly doubled over the past decade as a result of rising around online competition and a glut of new construction that's according to a report from the city comptroller Scott stringer gonna miss Elizabeth Kim said today that empty storefronts affected neighborhoods beyond their economic toll here she is on the Brian Lehrer show the store fronts which many of them have been there for decades there come kind of like cultural landmarks and they kind of orient you as to where you are the city comptroller is proposing an agency to help businesses navigate bureaucracy while that of lawsuit ministration once a statewide tax on vacant spaces. and the artist can Hindi Wiley's thirty foot statue in Times Square of a black man on horseback is receiving positive reviews mostly so far Andre ivory Maranta is an African American performer and commutes from Newark everyday he says he's happy to see himself represented in such a grand statue say look let me.

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