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Recently been opened against him, and this good extend his term as well. So for now, 2.5 years, But there certainly seems to be a risk that that would go on for longer. It's remarkable situation that you have the most prominent political opposition leader in Russia in prison, and it's a really unfortunate statement about what happened to her. Russian democracy in the post Soviet period that there was this hope that the country would become freer and more pluralistic. And and then here we are, with the most outspoken opponent of the Russian president in prison, so it's been a long path for Russian democracy. And now it's not a good time for that. That effort of reform and change in the post Soviet politics of Russia that is New York Times reporter Andrew Kramer in Moscow. He conducted the first prison interview with opposition leader Alexey Navalny Cramer. Joined us on Skype. Two new polls take a look at former President Trump's impact on West Virginia politics. One survey on election results finds a slight majority 44% believe the 2020 elections were legitimate, something Trump refuses to acknowledge. But the poll of 400 registered voters found that 43% believe the election of Joe Biden is somehow rigged. The Metro News West Virginia surveys has another 14% were unsure. The results basically mirrored the respondents, parties. Another Metro news poll finds Trump is still very popular there 55% view him favorably only 36% view President Biden the same way pollsters spoke to 400 registered voters in late August. A margin of error was not listed. How are they doing with equitably distributing the covid shots. Nearly three out of every four shots given at the federal government's Covid Vaccination center in Cleveland, went into the arms of white people. It comes from site by site data provided exclusively to NBC News by FEMA. At the same time, black people were given less than 11% of the shots. Despite making up nearly half of Cleveland's residents, Asian Americans got shots at a higher rate Hispanic people at a lower rate than their share of the local population. And a full dataset covering vaccination centers in almost 30 states suggests President Biden met his promise to fight the virus with equity in some parts of the country, but not others. Those leading the vaccination program tell the network they've really tried hard to reach minority populations and equity was the watchword all throughout Got the results in the Nat scenarios games on this Labor.

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