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One thousand Katie okay I. three camera here we can show you will watch this very carefully as that tech comes in to get three that's that severe storm in progress there let's go to Chris may be he's north of Stillwater right now with a live update Chris yeah Mike between Morrison and quality right now is this hail core he got up and down on the door but you sound right now okay a little bit bigger hail stones now get pretty loud in here probably quarter side maybe a little bigger and we get up here on the road but yeah definitely pretty potent hail storm up your bike thank you okay so this is the the hail coming into Morrison right now tracking over toward jail in Cushing to the north east of still water that severe storm in progress right there let's go over to Max one show the current warnings that we have kind of give you an overview so in blue that's a severe thunderstorm watch that includes the entire Oklahoma City metro area and then green is the tornado watch and that includes areas from Ponca city to Stroud down to kema down the Holdenville and east of that line that is a tornado watch their lotus one tornado warning up there north of no water in the water county in northeastern Oklahoma and then a line of severe storms here scattered from near Bartlesville north of Tulsa back down to the north west signs of Oklahoma City severe thunderstorm warnings in effect here and the motion is to the southeast between thirty and thirty five miles per hour here's radar see the motion here's a.

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