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No matter where you. I go beach anything you have to wear those servers out, but I'm living like an all expense paid life in Hawaii. Yeah, I'm going to go for it. I'm gonna go for it. Because again, I pointed out no fence, I pointed out that my parents are here skin is clearly an issue for us. Got a little bit. Yeah. Somebody just got some things burned off recently. Love you, dad. So. Yeah. So I think it was actually a hip hip a violation. I'm sorry Love of. you. But I think that would be the best bet for me. If I lived in Hawaii, I probably have to stay covered up anyway. So I'm going to go for the ALPHA's. I don't mind. Plus, the MO is called a be nice and toasty on the beach. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it because I would get lonely living on island. I've obviously it's not like deserted island, but still I know I know. All right. Relax, relax. What it means? I wouldn't want to be with my family and friends, and I wouldn't want to have to take a twelve hour flight to get to the army navy game every year, and I would I would miss West Point too much. I think that's true. Yeah. I will I be for you. It's a no because eventually on the island he'd run out of people to talk about going to West Point about. Yeah. Like everybody would know there'd be no one knew to tell that crazy. Shea about. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I went to it. Either. Know why I mean, do you just I hated wearing period? I mean, it would be nice to like if I had my medals and stuff on it to constantly stunt, but I'm already married. Yeah. So really make a difference. You want to do the? Yeah. As we start to close it out will be finishing up soon. But I'm like a fax lady. And I always liked to read off stuff to them and sound like I know what I'm talking about. But I also like to slip lies in there to see if they really are paying attention. So I'm gonna read off some facts about the army navy game. If you think I'm lying. What's a good? I was gonna say if you're a navy fan bad like a goat. All right army fan crummy mascot, by the way. Go on you have a mule online. Just do me. So this year is army navy game will be the one hundred nineteenth meeting any Eighty-eight time played right here in Philadelphia. Definitely true fair enough. A lot in Philly the very first army navy football game with all let's go back to that. How do you feel about that Catherine that Philly is basically the home of army navy being from the Philly area? Do you do you like growing up? Did you give a crap about the army navy game? You heavily hers. And you homeless this almost you're fired up. We always I remember it always being on TV. I know bunch of our family. I always back. My dad is one of thirteen kids. Why a bunch of my uncle is in the Marine Corps. We have military in our family. So that was always a thing. I'm sure people always went and everything. I remember watching it. When is it veteran stadium? But were they bulldoze, then whatever. But. Yeah. So yes, I think it's a nice way to meet in the middle. It's the best city around. Yeah. Can I take some pride in having this be more or less the home? Yeah. Absolutely. No, okay. The first army navy football game was November twenty ninth. Eighteen ninety at West Point navy one. That's that'd be false out. The next one midshipman Ryan Regan number sixteen holds the record for most points scored via army navy game in nineteen Ninety-three with six touchdowns in one game. Now checks out. I think it checks out. Sure. Maybe sure Rodriguez inches this area. Ryan Regan's Kitson right here. And his favorite number is sixty and Ron. Go go..

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