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Got a great wine line coming your way next hour. Also we'll talk about some of the issues that are on the ballot today Jacob Barker from the Saint Louis post dispatch is going to make his debut on the program he wrote a very lengthy. Involved story on how Paul Mckee got some tax credits for property he. Purchased in north Saint, Louis and never developed. It, and Yet he did take he got he got the benefits of the tax. Credits, millions of dollars so we'll we'll talk about. That keep our. On that thanks. To Jacob, Barker for joining us later. Today by the way there are also some issues on the. Ballot, in the county which may or may not be relevant embarked writes about. Them in this morning's paper and, last night went to the Muny to see meet me in. Saint Louis the final presentation for the one hundred season of the Muny and it's it's kind. Of interesting I I don't know if this ever happened before The the show is set in forest park right meet me and say Louis because they talk about the world's fair there and that's exactly where. The play is happening when does that happen that that'd be like a states stage presentation of. The, sound of music in Austria right in or Think of another one helped me out a Oklahoma seeing a play of Oklahoma in Oklahoma or, something so anyway Frankly folks I find the play boring I. Liked the, music I liked the. Acting but I don't care if this family moves to New. York or not I mean that's the whole thing the. Girls in the family have their eyes. On the neighbor you know she one lives at fifty one thirty. Five the other, fifty one thirty three Kensington. I don't really care if they moved to New York or not that's just me but I love the Muny overall I will say this. Little known fact, about fifty one thirty five Kensington which was the the home in meet me in St. Louis by the way we tore that home down in. The early, nineteen nineties huge error on our part should have, saved that and turn it into a tourist attraction. After all Meet me in. St. Louis as a movie was considered. One of the one hundred greatest movies of the twentieth century by. The American Film, Institute and time magazine so. It's up there but l. Hirschfeld who was the famous Broadway caricaturist and he always had the characters of Broadway he lived next door I. Think he was, a fifty one thirty three or fifty one thirty one according to a documentary that one EMMY was produced by Madeleine Dame's and ran on HEC fascinating okay Let's move from Kensington to South County Glenn Keenan longtime listener and someone who by the way has appeared. On our program as an advocate for the disadvantaged and he ran the circle of concern food pantry for years I. Think plan is now. Retired but he and his lovely wife left their car after attending ten thirty mass on Sunday morning at Saint Matthias church that's in Lima township right is that near Rivas. Barracks So anyway on the windshields, he, says, was, this flyer any Senate to me apparently. Ron Ron, Maha is, running for state, rep and he, is a Republican I checked out his website looks legit he's. Pro-life and he's got a lot of positions that are typical. For Republicans and here's what the, flyer says though Ron Ron Maha birth name but some Abraham Rama birthplace unknown highschool unknown work unclear dozens of public. Court documents suggest he's. An. Apartment slum Lord religion Islam Meet but some. Rama on ninety fourth district Representative he might have come to your door asking. For your vote but ask about, his, past, or his name and, he squirms he privately boasts. Of his, campaign strategy. And, that is to tell mosques to flood voting booths to, undermine, the, election So and it's not signed by anybody this flyer it's an anti Muslim flyer that was. Left Sunday we understand from. Mr. Keenan on the windshields of the. Cars during a Roman. Catholic mass now I don't, hold anyone accountable because I don't know who. Did this but it would be nice if the representatives of, the archdiocese would apologize for this or at, least for that perish you got a parking lot someone's. On it distributing anti Islamic stuff I wouldn't say apologize just decry the flyer There's no room for that churchgoers should not come out and see. That kind of hate our. First of all people shouldn't be spreading. That and it shouldn't. Happen on church property He says you won't see any. Of his signs this year's that. Because he doesn't think he needs you to win no the. Candidates and then they show a mask on the, flyer and they call it theocracy so Yeah there we are in two thousand eighteen I don't know who, spread this for all I know could be an inside job but it's ugly. And Very very disappointed very disappointing to see that, now, I'm told that's not that unusual as a matter of fact. Glenn in his. Email to me said.

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