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I couldn't afford to buy furniture and i couldn't afford to you know get a decorated come in and work so i did i was like let me just do it myself and i i would find things on the street you know people would put out couches and tables and chairs on the street and i would fix them up in you know repurpose them and i would do the interiors myself and with friends and so it just kind of like just hanging out doing stuff and then it got into like this turn into like a sickness and i like you know what i kept buying places and redoing him selling it by other one redo it settled and after a while i can't keep doing this so i started the firm where i could do it for other people i say i sense like a reality show here somebody lenny kravitz flips your house or something like that but you can actually on a serious note that you can actually go to your site kravitz dot com and there's a link to that i noticed which is kravitz design so you have a a business office here in new york street if somebody did want to use you they can and you would oversee it i would i would think is that how we design we do we you know we just built a house in los angeles amazing house but hollywood hills it just sold for thirty three million bucks and you know we just finished a hotel in toronto called and you know i mean so we're doing all these different projects around the world right nightclub in paris you know all kinds of things you're you're going to go to paris which you said you also live i know you've got dates coming up you're playing throughout europe and stuff and i was looking at the dates and i noticed i mean you're you're you're as a headline act are playing huge places over there you certainly have a tremendous following here in america's well but it suffice it to say it bigger in europe in terms.

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