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And so so us. Yeah are gonna target us libertarians. I wasn't even thinking of libertarians. I was just thinking of like the citizenry. Of course yes. of course. that's what happens. When when empires attempt to outgrow themselves which is exactly what the united states is doing. It is an empire. Now if you don't believe me compare it to rome. Go open a fricken history book and look at the fall of rome and then look at all the different accomplishments that they had on their way. Out the door the the The fiat currency the defending of that the fighting war spreading around the globe. Or at least around what. They considered the globe at that point in space and time There are so many parallels between the fall of not just wrong but other empires as well and the united states. We are on the downside of this. The united states is the empire. Joe biden is the new emperor to make star wars analogy right. You know the rest of his generals are darth vader's the sift lords you know. And the thing that empires do is that the eventually come after their own citizenry and we're beginning to see that now. Yeah it's you're. I think you're absolutely right. I think they're probably are going to target certain individuals. I don't know like somebody who is on a live talk radio program about two hundred radio stations that advocates for bitcoin for example. Yeah i i think we're gonna see a lot more of this in the coming maybe years a couple of years. I'm guessing you know this. This isn't even the where it started. I don't think but this is certainly where it's gotten too so the government doesn't like when you tell people why they're legitimate oda definitely not they certainly do not two zero two three eight zero three six nine nine telephone number. If you'd like to join the conversation here on free talk live. We'll be having our number two three already made the joke. Our number three coming up free. Talk on.

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