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Well i i would take issue with that comment ms wilford because it seems as though A large number of your community members indeed are opposed to it by back to her statement. They're like we're getting all this negative feedback and we don't really understand enough so it's fair and it's fair to say i don't really understand what that sentence actually means but once again that vaccine verification program and that's problem with this entire conversation because anytime you try to just have this home rational logical conversation about covert nineteen tempers seem to flare and those who are opposed story and support of additional government mandates retreat to their respective corners and and of conversation which does absolutely nothing to drive the conversation forward. It seems like Shareholders opinions on both sides of the issues need to be brought into the light and disgust once again in a civil logical reasonable manner. Instead it seems as though so many go right into their lizard brain. Now we'll for also said that part of the problem was the vaccine. Verification program was rolled out as part of that public health order receipt and released august fifteenth. That announced the return of the mask requirement. Wilford said that in combining the two. It's likely some of the messaging quote got lost in the rollout but isn't that their responsibility to make sure that the messaging is easily understood and regardless of whether you're talking about the mass mandate or this vaccine verification program that they're on their mark in terms of communicating it but wilford went on to say including the program in the mass mandate was intentional so they could support businesses that that had already been requiring vaccinations and not make them feel like they were quote taking a step back. They've taken these huge efforts to enact these policies and enforce them and follow them in the spirit of reducing the spread of the virus and keeping their businesses going and a so. It is very very frustrating. Data it's frustrating for a saw your thoughts this morning and do you think we will see a return of the lamoure county board of health vaccine verification program..

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