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On a day like this he was home. He's not watching that child. His wife by the way The wife is pregnant. i believe and i don't know where she was. But your one hundred percent right. He's off from work. He's home. He wanted to drop his one year old off at daycare so he could go to the gym and then later on go to happy hour. Crazy has to be a joke. I mean not married if you put on. Cbs sports network. You gotta see his car. It's that is his car. It's hyundai electra. Is stuck in the in the soup. And i hate to be mean soon. She'd call child protective doing might be doing that. Stuff should be all over this into good mary. Thanks for the well wishes. It's great hearing your voice again. We'll talk to you soon. My wife was locked in All i'm sorry. Yes sorry. There goes talked right over mary. I'm sorry that's my mistake. I apologize we. My wife was locked in on. You guys last segment and i got the text boy marash. She knows she knows a little bit. So yeah can i call him in. May i may i call me. I'm all him an idiot. Yes so i'll get. I believe is on the phone with cps right now so He's gonna take care of that. It's m. o. r. a. as h. Yes all right go ahead. I'm to start up brought to you by winters. Bros. way system's long island's number one choice for all your waste collection and recycling needs visit winters bros. dot com quickly on the baseball. Because it's not all that interesting right now plus the yankees play. Yesterday they get shut out in seattle for nothing so they do take the series two out of three. I mean they. Basically they didn't show up. They had one hit a giancarlo stanton double in the second inning and the most fire they showed was. Dj lemay getting annoyed at kendall green when he him with a pitch in the ninth inning gave him the few on the way to first base. Rubio doors out there after the game ending double play. They're all talking trash..

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