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This is really sad mike god we're on the set of mom have some respect would you eat earthworms no no although i feel like that'll be a thing soon oh totally well they'll be an article on vulture about how like schilling woodley's eating earthworms now everybody follow suit big little lies season two everyone's eating earthworms elaine woodley brought them to work and reese can't get enough of them like ideas that cover them in some panko crumbs like the oil although five degrees i don't know i mean i am vegan but i yeah nobody i don't i think that things that live under the soil like doesn't would you it doesn't count really yeah it doesn't come to give out carrots potatoes like i eat those think they're not live in the same way that he is alive fighting for worms my god i hate the whole year now i'm a social justice warrior for worms right he lives he lives in a repurpose school bus okay where are you getting these guys from this is a very sad this is why i'm single purpose about him yet i don't want anyone who lives on a bus no offense living on worms stylish inside you can own about didn't like what goldberg traveled exclusively via bus from eliminating whippy no i'm saying she's that would maybe make sense i don't think i would have sex with we go by because i'm gay but i think we could definitely live together for a few months and have a great time.

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