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Doesn't add magic hello and welcome to the third episode in the new show flintoff savage and the ping pong mackey side thanks for getting in touch through the week he's in the hashtag fred subside if you said something nice says a pretty good bet that robbie re tweeted gaza become absorbs kyle of so so we've been up to this week boys frederick i'm becky me brands you ever quiet week the highlight or not the highlight the biggest moments of my week was storm dory's blew me get so that's the extent of my week that's it actually blew the gates off the hinge that the flu the gates of buddha panels out the middle it was wild way you had a flu install doris from seville playing lord of leicester funds decent results who got the way goal and it was one of those matthew when the plane lands everybody cheers you know instead of singing robbie savage's whatever the word is everybody wasn't to be further less the funds of much to cheer about recent that's echo they'll take anything klis flown so much that even when this heavy turbulence you don't mind june as you know i had this bizarre episode and india onto after its much he used to enjoy myself so after it's s much in india about a few things for the last night but we're flying at six o'clock the next morning so we've all got on this flight i'm a bit worse for i'm a bit tired so i've gone the lynn i've got me elmo because the cow is in me bag and a fall fast asleep you click ale mt now used to carry around so put it on me helmet some sounded fun next minute plan lines i wake up jump apartments and going into the over a baggage compartment i turn around everybody on the plan there is a slow wide there's no cooler in the face without an emergency london booted fluid into engine one of the engines of gun would just london wherever you know where we was slept through it right now we got some meaty topics today savages told us sav that he might even be mentioning some famous philosophers i'm going to kick off with the question of hunger drive leicester city five thousand one underdogs win the premier league they got new cars they got pay rises they got justified adulation but i suspect a little bit of complacency came in the heroics that rousing team unity i think has disappeared to a certain extent and they've been blaming the manager rather than fronting up for bad results so to what extent can one sustain hunger and motivation even when one is surrounded by glory that's the question dilemma to start by asking robbie what do you think about well i think it was always going to be impossible for that lasts it's outside to recreate what they achieved that expect them to be in the bottom three as we speak no but that's a group of average players who've overachieved and overachieved to a point which i don't believe they'll ever do ever again whereas the point where you can talk about manchester united when they went all all them those trophies they will play for manchester united show you believe they are the best place in the world these lesser players just had one season one moment where everything aligned you're the teams are going through transition every single player play to the maximum and they will not only there's a famous piece in a book which i've research and i'm just wanna read it see matthew reilly got riley the famous coach and manager who led the los angeles lakers mama he to multiple championships say's that teams tend to follow a trajectory when they start before they have won a team is innocent if the conditions are right they come together they watch out for each other and work together toward their collective goal this date he calls the innocent climb and that is less that was less to when they won the league after the team starts to win a media attention begins the simple bonds joined individuals together begin to fray plays calculate their own employees chess well frustrations emerged eagles appear the innocent climb pat riley says is almost always followed by the disease of me it can strike anyone in in any year any moments and it does with alarm and regular i'm i'm not big on course but that's that's pretty good but it does raise the.

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