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Good burnt or how are you i'm doing okay sydney are working at the atlanta airport so that'll explain the background stands at you'll here as we go along haired well jerry a tuesday you broke historic sees to on wednesday you broke a story because of his series of events that began on tuesday with this toward zimmer he'll make kids will now worker when abbot of michael brantley know trying to get an idea on exactly you're precisely where the pain news it's an affordable tony ankle be he always the check and everything else not vote some canarysaharan gay something snapped or popped in there and it looks like he's coming out yoyou he's coming out alright a weird injury jerry in that game on tuesday a fly ball the centerfield and brantley began to move toward centerfield from his position and left and suddenly pulled up uh the indians of course you know they don't have to tell everybody exactly what's going on but you wonder if there's something in that ankle that was serious because later on wednesday they made a trade four jay bruce you the first report this uh the indians taking on the remaining four point two million dollars that's the two are owed to bruce they flip a minorleaguer back to the max this is not a high end prospect by any means for the mets the real incentive in the steel is to shed jay bruce a salary is this to me jerry is just another sign that the indians are trying to win right now in this window of two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen they spent all that money in edwin encarnacion they loaded up the team at i suspect that they probably believe that uh michael brantley injury is something that's going to keep him out for a long time which is why they went all in on a guy is having a good year.

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