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I am me they were the enemy at that tom and going to the enemy i got to tell you i would be salty about that particularly if out offered you more money with boston did offer him more money than miami at the top and you left as much as i love sao beat you leave me to go to the heated enemy the rivalry no way i would i would let that go but kevin garnett was code is to a he didn't have the greatest relationship with rondo when he was there but if you recognize paul pierce even though those is brothers kendrick perkins uh g rondo paul pierce is on a record saying we need to come together we don't need to be a surbek in his abrasive about this stuff eccentric cetera i just didn't like the way he left whiz kevin durant kevin amtrak kevin durant kevin garnett and it will like dammit he left period if there were kevin durant or rondo i would not have blamed him because over the way garnett acted and his relationship with rondo was not good but as it pertains to poor pierce there is no reason on earth why ray allen should not have been there is just no excuse for what we agree about if paul pierce reached out to him specifically and said don't come okay but that's the reason you wouldn't shop in that case is because it's the other guys day otherwise you got to show up there have been times in my life stimulate their big events in people's lives their weddings parents funeral or something like that and i've had close friends and even family and i'm work in a fight that night there's nothing i can do what you have to worry guys i can't you ain't instagram being on a golf course by the way this they'll have that makes it weren't by the way i can tell them that i understand they still have hard feelings about it and i know they do and i don't blame them i would too you can understand intellectually and still feel it a mostly like damn it you figure out a way to their way you all about that would weddings and also i'm now we about funerals renault would what i've been through just go.

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