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The vw officers went up the sylvia lopez after he interrogated the bus drivers he went up soviet lopez twisted her arm and injured her wrist yank her off the street and uh but the rating her in front of her coworkers who he also was yelling at and calling them lanes like but back and others lured to try and fight uh the role workers into becoming agitated a violent so they could be discredited and then the following year or maybe it was 10 years later the aol rv had a big celebration in sacramento and sylvia lopez was invited to go and she went and was going to have a picture taken with governor row and you may have seen the picture of dolores huerta illness when will go on well dolores huerta was trying to block sylvia from meeting the governor as she was physically bumping sylvia lopez away from meeting governor brown until governor brown saw her say wait a minute is that is that the soviet lofa so yeah the the uaw w has been aggressive towards these workers but would you call that an assault though any time you make bodily car tact it is called assault and if you're where i feel it which i i don't want a picture that but if you were an eye opening at buffoni off the floor and buffoni away you can fall down and get hurt really you know a whether you get pushed by somebody with their hands or get thumped with their stomach or whatever a pushes a push and a push is the fall or when you grab somebody's arm and twisted wake them off the street that's assault so sylvia was assaulted twice by the us w and when in the case of marc grossman she went to the aarp and she filed a complaint with them and they would not liver stylish however of course silas offer was.

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