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Want to read the direct quote. I was delighted lighted. It was the least she could do. I mean the speech was lie after lie. Not a word of truth in it. Your reaction again disgraceful. Okay so what is the lie about this. Young girl who now is going to have an opportunity to get her child at the American dream because she's going to get an opportunity. Scholarship are that soldier that is announced surprises. His wife and kids coming. Home after four deployments everybody's tearing up I mean I guess Jerry Nadler wasn't did he think that was a lie. The tuskegee airmen who who president just made a general look rush limbaugh. Who whether you agree with or disagree with the Guy I love what rush represents but millions of people are inspired by him and now he's battling cancer and the president pays tribute to his battle with cancer and they can't stand up for any of those things I mean? I is about our state of politics. I think it says a lot about where the Democrat Party in Washington is. That's not where Democrats are across the country. Like I'm from the State of Louisiana where the blue dog started. There are still Democrats who have those. Oh same conservative values. That conservative just won re election as governor right and so it shows not all of America is so hyper partisan in their hatred of the the president and the results of the two thousand sixteen election that they carry it to a level where they won't even stand when the president applauds the success of the lowest unemployment amongst African Americans and Hispanics Hispanics in the history of our country. Everybody should have stood for that. I guess Jerry Nadler's not happy about that. He can't deny it's a fact The these economic numbers were seeing Major. Major we have the hottest economy in the world right now the USMC trade deal. Jerry Nadler voted for that. Is that a lie that he voted for me. What is wrong with these people that they wanted to knife facts and what's good about the country if they can't applaud the killing of a terrorist? Sola money does Jerry. Nadler really think it's a lie that Sola Monte killed hundreds of Americans our servicemen and women who shed their blood because of him and he was under an Iraq plotting to kill more Americans. Does Jerry Nadler really think it's ally that souleymane kill those people in the the mother and father of that woman that the Bank al-Baghdadi killed literally you raped and killed this woman and al-Baghdadi is taken out and Jerry Nadler won't stand for that and he wants to call that a lie. He owes an apology to the family of those victims. who were the victims of these evil terrorists who are now dead? Because of president trump's actions back to Speaker Pelosi locie.

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