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Are. Yeah yeah and i think that was Something that you know in the latest court ruling. We felt that the court really didn't fully appreciate We'll just say for for round number sake if we capture ninety percent of our total compensation available in our in our contract and you know the men only captured fifty percent of it. We earned about the same dollar for dollar amount. Meanwhile we've won two world cups. We've won nearly every family that we've played in. We've won all the tournaments. We've been very successfully. Both you know both commercially Marketing wise sponsorships and branding and all that and obviously been been very successful on the field and so it's kind of the work twice as hard or win twice as much or be twice as successful and to get paid you know about the same dollar for dollar amount That sort of at the heart of a pay inequity in gender discrimination. We feel. I think people have been pretty dismissive of women's sports and it's always taking the secondary place But i think you know like women like you and women like sue bird are really bringing women into sports and whether they can actually like identify with the players and see themselves on the field in the way that they can't quite with men sports. And i wonder what that means to you to be a part of that i mean i think we are in a big way. Much more relatable I think with women because our sports are smaller and we're not seen as these celebrities quite yet. I think the accessibility has been so much. More readily available to fans Admires or even two brands. I think that they understand that There's there's a level of intimacy that you can get to a female athlete. That maybe you're not gonna get to with a male athlete which i think has helped us to be honest. Sending it's helping to grow our fan base in helping to make us more more relatable. But i think the balance has to be there as well. I don't think you know having us have. Everybody thinks that they can just come up to us all the time. And like you know where the rest friends and everything is is necessarily The way either..

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