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Pm eastern for four more hours of wage. Retainment on you better you bet and that will feature the games that ken barclays already for week number three in the national football which segment that honestly like. You're just a fool. And i mean seriously i'm life a lot. I say that glibly sometimes like you're at eighty. If you miss something like it's a it's a it's a joke. No you actually are like an absolute fool. If you this game kendall ready bet for we number. Okay back to the pool of trump's so d- andrea swift nine and a half receiving yards. Rick just look. I didn't do this during the break. Rick finally receptions for with just have them to also bring it back up. But we continuing the pool of props. We assume that the packers are going to be up in this game. We assume that it's going to be checked down. City jared which i think is the case what do you think about jared. Goff thirty four and a half pass attempts in this game. Is that something that interests you chirp. I should have the niners box by literally just closed. I want to say it was fifty three against like i do wanna kinda like not throw that out. The lions ran ninety. Plays in that game offensive. Plays nine offensive snaps. Like there probably won't be a team that has that many snaps in the game the rest of the season so i don't know they take your possessions. People be like well. Why would that be like they literally stole possessions like two of them at the end of the game and then ran a bunch of hurry up plays in order to fill that quota. My point was just a similar. I game that. We expect to be similar in terms of the score. Like it's not like they don't like stick to the run in the fourth quarter down seventeen or something you know like they do in. Every team does in. But dan campbell sometimes. We're not sure when team put that they're going to do in. Every team does so I think it makes sense. Like i mean all of this stems from like the same general handicap. Right it's just me. Think the packers are gonna be able to score. We like them to cover the game. Okay if that's true what else falls from out. So it's almost like if the packers cover than these other pets probably win too because it means the lions are at the whole time. So i mean i don't hate it it just it's kind of just correlated to.

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