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Absolutely i totally agree and i've just been hearing people pumping up about he can take them to ten win season and i don't know i highly doubt that he was struggling for a second physician at his last fought so i don't know i just was hearing some i don't know i don't know when i've seen an athlete do less on their forget talking to various experts about him one in particular george whitfield who used to be the quarterback wished on whisper on game day and he told me he was one of the brightest prospects coming out of high school he's ever seen and i've never seen it and listen baker mayfield a while before he became baker mayfield and maybe the right place but i just know with my own money i wouldn't bet on them actually i agree when it comes to sink or swim i think that was going on there but anyway thank you all have a great day i take you really good call and great great question mike is up next mike go right ahead i got a question do you think auburn made the right decision given him on extension and everything the coach let's let's talk about this for a second because here here was the situation i don't think it's i don't think it's a it's a it's a black and white answer he was probably going to go to arkansas the new president at at auburn who was faced with losing a veteran coach who had just beaten to number one teams having to look for another coach from ever the timeframe tennessee had struck out so that's why he did it gus malzahn worth forty nine million dollars over seven years that's the going rate so that that's those are the situation what do you think.

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