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Safe and orderly departure of people from Afghanistan. He told the Taliban that any legitimacy or support will have to be earned. We have a stall on the 1 10 in south L. A. It's a big mess. 1 10 Freeway northbound at Adams Boulevard, the right lane is shut down. All because of a big rave installed their traffic loading up all the way back from Gage Avenue feet in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer Com Michael Brian, looking at things in Westminster, and where we had some mystery slowing on the 405. It turns out, it is Caltrans worked. Four or five North bad just before the hook up with the West 22. They're just into Seal Beach right about Valley view. It looks like the left lane is blocked on that. So what is a normally heavy drive up to about Beach Boulevard? It is now backed up all the way pretty much out of Costa Mesa, starting at about Harbor Boulevard Little extra tight on that stretch. Looks like the 71 north just past the 91 around, Pargo. Damn, they're they're still working. Caltrans work in the right lane, And that's really done a number of the 91 westbound into downtown Corona. Problem coming up here. It looks like it just on the 60 heading into industry. 60 eastbound. It looks like at Santa Anita problem. They're a band stuck in lanes and it's no van go back to the East LA interchange injured in an accident. Is a superwoman super lawyer. Com Michael Brian KF eye in the Sky King. If I am this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Will Colson driver if you are plagued by bad eyesight. And you know it Every morning you wake up. The first thing you see is nothing in particular. Everything's a blur. And you.

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