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By knowing keyed however narrowly dare yes there lead here knew he knew this request gotta rheumatic fever as a child and he had just gone to the dentist a before he died and there's something about china there's something about when you go to the dentist and the bacteria from the teeth gone to the heart and it's just a whole that's why you have some really cavities you refuse to tell you that have had i ha what does that other situation with bobby darren to where it was like oh my god with jack nicholson that his sir ready found out that his mother oh yes stewards actually his monza mata another her near your mother was his grandmother i know it was the strangest story that it was like you know you're watching a movie i think can this possibly all be true though it it was true and another part of him that was very special was uh they gave him dunk shane and that was for him to record and he had just taken way newton under his wing and he said now i have somebody i want to record this song and he said they said no no this is this is for you and you have to record this song and he said no either you let wayne newton record this song romley than the label so all way might never enter that's a great story oh darling we have millions of the five not in fact they were in the studio recording wayne newt known daca shame in bobby was producing the record it capital when the publisher called and got a bobby on the phone and told a bobby that uh that.

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