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She accused of playing political games Mark. Mayfield Old NBC News Radio President Trump's former campaign chief Paul manafort's. Upcoming trial is being delayed until July the thirty first Monday in a federal courtroom in Virginia a judge postponed manafort's, trial because his lawyers need more time. To prepare and to look over newly disclosed documents special counsel Robert Muller has hit Manafort. With a number of criminal charges including tax and banking fraud plus failure to file reports on foreign financial accounts federal prosecutors aren't possession of. A dozen recordings that. Were seized from, President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen Brian shook has, the detail a court appointed. Official has ruled that the recordings can be reviewed by investigators because they are not protected by attorney client privilege one of those tapes reportedly features Trump. And Colin talking about a payment to a, former playboy, model who claimed, she had an affair with Trump the, existence of that tape was made public, last week, Cohen is under investigation for. Possible Bank and wire fraud and campaign finance violations Brian shook NBC News Radio the. State Department is set to host the first I ever ministerial meeting to promote an advanced, religious freedom. Lisa Carter has more, delegations leaders for more than eighty countries are expected to attend the three day event in Washington DC the, meeting is intended to reaffirm international commitments to protect and preserve their religious freedom rights of people around the world. Those in, attendance will also talk about ways to fight religious persecution and, discrimination and ensure greater, respect for religious freedom the ministerial to advance religious freedom. Gets underway on Tuesday Lisa Carter NBC News Radio the family of the suspected gunman in, a deadly, mass shooting in Toronto says. He had severe mental health issues family of Fazle Hussain said the twenty nine year old struggled with psychosis and depression is entire. Life they say treatment including medication and therapy was ineffective police say Hussein opened fire in Toronto Sunday killing two people and hurting over a dozen. Others Hussein died after exchanging gunfire with police and one. Of the stars of National Geographic channel's wicked tuna series is dead cast member..

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