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Uh then we get the intro of the constrictor who is on his way to take on iron fist and at this point sabretoothed who finally is convinced by danny to take a look at the challenges ahead old men logan number twenty nine ridden by ed bruce own art by mike deodato colors by frank martin logan's team of with hawkeye in one of the hawks children to try to take out maestro is coming to a head we flash back to where maestro first hooked up with the hulk family of back in the wastelands now in canada yukon territory he sent out a bunch of kids with a much a gamma bombs going to do bad stuff he's got a bunch of little kid hawks with mmhmm so it dressing conundrum as we've got old man logan hawkeye and one adult female hawke taking on maestro and much kitty holck's as a great fight between old man logan and maestro which basically old man hold finding old men lowien which is fantastic myintu judo brilliant on art the hawkeye is left to deal with these kids and he basically fires arrows at them and he's just dislike the kids just totally will man they ripped the arrows out just keep going after him something pretty funny but watching little kid hawks just pita hawkeye and if you rub set an emperor killing the real hawked and here's a little late free therapy for you so we learned that maestro's master plan is more complex than what we thought and a horrible conundrum is put on our heroes by the end of the issue.

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