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I think that's pretty cool and drug and alcohol free new year's eve at west hollywood park auditorium that sounds like these are important things this is kind of fun it involves a ticket but i like putting it out there post modern jukebox at the walt disney concert hall and this is the last one because they have discounted tickets when you go to the website sir nick salat's new year's eve at the queen mary now the thought of being on a big boat you know i mean he could just he could do that song three different ways i like big boats and i cannot lie his his sir mix one on the queen mary it it okay now onto the utah story because i promised you this utah teacher fired for showing students classical paintings containing nudity now the teacher metairie ruwaida uh are you eat the way the mateo roida a former art teacher at lincoln elementary and hiram utah said he planned to appeal his termination and to clear his reputation because one of the parents said that he was showing porn now these are fifthgraders keep in mind he showed an impressionist era portrait irish tree by italian painter amadou dayem mud the liani now i've i haven't seen that one but i have seen the rococo partial mood odalisque by francesoir boucher i actually saw that one in person when i was in paris and now it's got it's got those it's got a full moon full moon inside boob i don't think you should be showing fifthgraders full moon full lady moon inside boob that's just as a recipe for disaster i understand that he explain the images were arden encourage the students to speak with their parents about the paintings they saw but i think that unless you're cleared by the parents unless you send out a notice and say hey i'd like to discuss fine art but there is a possibility that your child is going to see a big white lady heine and some side boob you're setting yourself up for disaster and this story now this is this is a new year's eve warm your heart really kinda get you ready all right star wars fan five five years old this kid five gets a storm trooper like prosthetic pan from phoenix nonprofit now sometimes.

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