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I picked up garbage and sandra bullock dusted tables my buddies mopped and in my sister tables to and so that was our little after school job so you know i you know i had a little brush at greatness then had zero idea that she was ever going to be an actress i i can't even remember ever being in the school play but i think she might have been but she was just a regular person i think like the rest of us and i remember having a real good personality and and in a pretty good soccer player as i remember and and but i i lost track she went to east carolina and we stayed home and and i didn't really know anything about her until one day my buddy wade calls me and says hey man can you believe sandy blocks on this tv show on wednesday nights and and i said sandy bullock from high school and he said yeah and you know like a year later she's in a big time movie was festers lead yeah and then speed and all that so so yeah i've i've never never crossed bass with their ever since but i i do have some friends it's still keep up with her anyways yeah we went same high school washington high school in arlington virginia all right well knowing the king and knowing sandy as you caller let's yeah that's huge last one for you and this is suggested by a listener the guy who suggested you beyond your actually joey dimwit she shot because he's a big sport the podcast he reminded me of this i'd forgotten it because i i think denison had told me about a few times like you're really cycling and you're you're on a lot and it's it must amuse you now that the last couple of years every driver in the cup series is caught up in what you are.

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