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Eleven Months, Seven Hours, Four Hours discussed on No End In Sight



So so grateful if you'd sign up as a patron at patriotair dot com slash no end in sight and I wanna add a quick note here that I am recording I like to start by asking where you healthy as a kid and just I was and so a Lavar this is of the cities that thing that doctors ask quite look and read a standard screening question so you're on yeah absolutely tend to Agra probably more than that wooden if I it's been otherwise healthy in sight yeah by any measure really kind of dijon scrapes in Knox of like plot colliding around in the playground occasionally likes posing injury and stuff very I'd like and I like that so you burke by in collarbone wants for example and while that's not like tells it's not the sort of thing necessarily associated with Cornelius nothing that's stuck around kind of year exactly it was you know there was a thing it happened it was wrong to keep their hopes in my life of debt and then are just snaps for about two normal yeah yeah and I think that's that's common for kids there are kids getting used to their bodies yeah I'm so yeah I'm pretty much you know I was really really active late like off doesn't sports I think because the child will that up and Salo's taking early and yes and I I- cracked my head I can once swimming not great the west of the light crush means yeah yeah so yeah I got a concussion and the Coleville blood the love smoker screaming for it was in public swimming boss so pretty pretty pretty knowledged Bradley traumatic but yet and it was unlike a school trip and so the school find my mom to say you know your son's like Heinsohn else who's going to ambulance and my mom got to the hospital before the ambulance out she disliked left wet straightaway like drove like twice the speed limit eh yeah just wasting around and auspice alert worse happened when that way John Thank the yeah they like lead my head back together it was like a signal happened dislike quite cyberpunk thing to do yeah the glue injuries condoned idea Yup I mean pretty sure you can actually buy skin glue like I don't know it's called but like there's a kind of home world yeah you know some some it's like certain types of wounds or something where he you can just do that instead of on stage yeah it was pretty funny NATO might have around go kind of likes flaky and rock hot irritating and so I am accountable of one day and my mom was like what happened in what was going on Stereo yeah yeah exactly yeah but yeah that was obviously again it was like oh that was very painful I have cool stall on my head and that was it life continued yeah so yeah I mean I don't want to just give it to father that was pretty much place all the way up until mine twenty s okay and then did things did things change kind of gradually for you or did you have an acute moment when you were like something is wrong with my body yeah I'm like really really acute moment I'm quite strangely so think about things like that I mean his is pretty interesting to listen to other people in their communities about how to whereas I whatever kind of profit but for me it was very much like this but he doesn't see sign on I went to sleep in the night before isn't this line of you know I feel like something CEO different and a my body's responding scientifically Sir does to normal bicyc- thing is the yes deserve our strange sight on at the time it was obviously acute so we'll have the most in in November twenty sixteen about a week before Donald Trump garlic I'm businesses relevant actually went to New York while he was elected over the election yet right so it was great for your rights on slide feeding America is said describe the perfect place to be when you're yes I got like an infection so intestinal symptoms faith You know it was it was really really bad I typed kind of viral infections full but it seemed like particularly brutal and are we supposed to be going holiday light whether it's literally the next I will make it the day off to that you know I slept on a now like so if I still feel like this tomorrow I'm not GonNa darn this is insane so so I did Sir I'm sorry white style with a friend that was it as well so there was so semi levels of pressure to direct yeah that's anyway to not let them down to hang out with a friend basically happened in the end was wakes up until the walk almost my flight nine hundred and it was his apartment wasn't guessing on Sarah Cody aligning managed three buckets we lights up the reason for this will become clear a sort of in seconds but base you know now now on like why did you even needs she's not you know like a holiday both when they not able to find seven hours but you're probably it'll pass no big deal in your life two days later whatever is exactly why we think of illnesses really it's like a just to know chart of KC in thanks for mobile so yeah I I did get a little vessel but it was still I am not fitting ill Cockatiel thanks Sarah to the GP's clive just wanted them to On being finished by doing this going on the trip yeah spy in the ducks was just slide you might just take the easy I think I've been time title Yeah Yeah Right so go on the plane and waves so wait in New York Quiroz slightly scenarios that the election was happening which was weird time anyway so his ten year in this crazy so very very are you stimulating sissy gap with these symptoms either going on on trying to find tvos my friend as well to make sure that he's not bringing him down into the rough than one of us really wait wait in the New York Times knows global that's on Donald Fatty now than I am and so uh-huh I didn't start to work for the eyes off saw setting fire to a little bit more leave to my to my way off and then went back to work in so under certain up to working I definitely couldn't go to the Dan okay so generally would always fetch Jim and that was a very obvious this is kind of beyond me even though I was upset looking back in the office fulltime it was to do more than that was suddenly challenge yeah like you probably slept until you had to go when you got home and he kinda crashed exactly yeah just little so strange signs like the became suddenly potent to get a seat train into work previously wouldn't all yeah yeah yeah you know step taking status with Mike Molly the lifestyle choice the I would say like die heightens on for those little sayings that rough on otherwise yeah and so at the beginning of sounds like it felt like almost like a flu and so some of the more aggressive symptoms may be calm down but your body didn't go back to normal does that yeah yeah yes some of this a spurs immune system based Infectious Simpson's probably torturing medical science that I think I might do that all the time sounds like so throats you know sitting Dissipated but then I was left with I think at that point he's left groups are just fading a bit SUV decided Emergencies much sleep suddenly Tara both none from my whole life up until that point being the morning awesome my absolutely snapping out of bed whatever our that even really meet in Lom and I was Sunday mornings difficult I couldn't necessarily to delay why definitely definitely failing fives and then sleep bowling rested like this whole cluster of things that maybe don't sound serious but when it's your actual life you're trying to live you realize now debilitating almost each of those things can be I exactly I think the vagueness so doesn't help to lead because it's it's so general level of health just take some blood clotting necessarily citing all I have a suddenly got really bad prince or something you don't like him less final anything concrete point to get this was wasn't the case before now is yeah and that's like the big one of the most frustrating things about fatigue to me it's just being tired describing something is fatigue at like I know that has a meaning but it can feel so freaking meaningless just used for so many different experience says is terribly dispersed so as to whether we need not words or we are yes it was that you know the the buddy young has so many ways the express symptoms uh-huh decide if something's wrong you know the site all I have is talking to have this fatigue or whatever is it goes by seventy different things yeah I mean I'm not sure your doctor had no way of Stein's isolate maybe why could be happening concerned by struggled on eleven months off to the original infection when the when the vote again in this time to Ukraine which is where my family's from I'm not lose my when my mom dad and it was fine it was good it was Ukrainian the Winter Bruce Kothe Hum Chara like it was an article and then felt well enough to go to the gym somehow kind of you know I was so busy my way back into it but definitely artists Dr like your energy level just a little bit higher than it had been you your without managing things festival or so giving whatever it was I went I did it's not really as much so do norma walkout then came to my flat my apartment and just stunned yeah it felt absolutely terrible and then I had knee test how you finding in sectors style Simpson's saline workout Yeah Yeah never vividly remembering this because on my life flatmate my housemate at the time was was was terrible delivery gives listen leading I'm sorry five inciting stuff started cold and I remember watching television while I was like shaking like within halting code ooh while he like like those in common unlike swiped window and I was just like do you have no civil on silicon align shitting on the balcony voice going on yeah just a nice breeze and that is not helping temperature problem was terrible Yeah anyway whether this is giving whites much information listen I remember toiler and instead of the standard fight climate yet elite normally say it was the color art yeah wow this is not a good sign yes look good and so so here I am in the NHL US on there's like a nonemergency fire Line Co. when it's out arrivals time it's as you get awesome Duxford find in a life for instance version with the CO nine nine nine which is criminal my moment yeah cycle that knows like what's going on this wears over the rough by disfavoring Ns and the guy was I really unhelpful you sound like you're dehydrated as non level once you're talking for like is really Dr the free wet sorry I'm resigned well you're probably going to accident measure z then which luckily to me are literally live on signwriter one of the biggest fossils so my mum thing got me on the way to die for four hours just chilling Dan what's his name season and like I need an IV griffin run a bunch of tests stayed there Organi and if it was just so generic barn in she symptoms a little this time like upper respiratory stuff tons of puffing violent coughing Athena some most of any sort of attempt to control and just again just feeding really relief and disoriented and that was when ice of classify as things properly saying it's difficult to look back in dire attending if that happened would have been different or whether it would it would have just let.

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