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Technology. -nology? That the captain technology might be a character. But he was saying yesterday on Tolbert and Lund three to seven weekdays pm drive that he is so fun to watch Kyle Shanahan's offense because Kyle Shanahan is so good and for for for Greg Cosell. First of all to spend time watching it a foreign ten football team. Second of all to sing the praises of Carl's shows how good calcium in really is. And that Carl Shanahan was a scheming plays that created distance against a good Seattle defense against a good Denver defense. They're playing the bears weekend. I I said last week I'll say it again. I think the Niners have a strong chance of beating the bears. I think so I think Nick Mullins has to hit kill when he's open kettle had there were two spots where kill had maybe five yards on his defender. And I guess Nick Mones just isn't good enough to throw deep over the middle yet. Is he does he not have the skills to make the throat? I don't think it's not that. He doesn't have the ability. This is something we were discussing today in the morning show. Was that the discrepancy of play between Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick balls is a big deal. How great is it? How great is that discrepancy? I don't know if it's accurate, which is the conversation. I think has to be had. I don't think that Garoppolo make those throws. Here's my thing is I think Garoppolo is definitely talent wise a better quarterback Nick mullet. Yes. I would agree with that. I'm asking the question before he got hurt this year. Jimmy G. We didn't see a lot of greatness from. No, we saw a pretty average quarterback agreed which people are looking at this team from last year going look we're expecting the five zero Jimmy G who comes in. I can think of moments where he rolled out of the pocket. He threw that. Great touchdown back of the end zone for Dante. His career. I can also think of the play where he threw a pick six. They got called back against the lions that they would have lost the game. What a seal the gate had it not been for a phantom holding caller a defensive holding on the line. So I think about this. And then I think about watching Nick Mullins right now granted he's at the forefront of our mind because of how well he's played coming into next season. It is obviously Jimmy Garoppolo team. Yes. You spend one hundred and thirty seven billion dollars. How long of a leash? Do you give them when you know you have a quarterback capable of? And to your point Tony if they come out this weekend against the Vic, Fangio's defense and Khalil Mack. And Fangio was a great test for Nick Mullins. And Kyle Shanahan specifically Mullins for me at how he picks coverages. Nick Fangio one of the best in the game at how he hides his coverages against opposing quarterbacks wanna see how Nick Mullins performs because Nikolas didn't just beat the Seahawks. He beat the Seahawks after they pasted him in Seattle two weeks ago. That's absolutely true. Seahawks have seen Nick Mullins twice beat them. One time by the way, they gave up over four hundred passing yards to him. The first time this time he comes out and gets a win. I think the discrepancy in talent and the forty Niners will never admit this between Jimmy Garoppolo Nick Mullins is not as great as we think. And I think if you look at the Philadelphia Eagles what they went through this year in saying that Nick foles where the team clearly rallied around him you've got cohesion. He fits into this offense while he'd been in Philadelphia before it wasn't great. They had to hand the keys back to Carson Wentz. Yes. Because it was his job because it was his team and he played MVP like football before he got hurt. But now that Wednesday's out again, and Nick foles is back in the starting role in Philadelphia. People are really intrigued as to how the eagles are going to fare these last two weeks. I just want to watch out for where we get next season with Jimmy Garoppolo early season versus the late season success this year of Nick moans. And that's why I think you gotta get rid of Molins for me who I think you deal Mullins to go pick up somebody really talented like like if you're gonna have quarterbacks are hugely important in the NFL. I get it. I understand. I mean granted. Okay. Go ahead. We do have CJ Beathard. Now. I know that he's he's just like a Evans are back there, which is as you all know, a pillar of salt, just Iraq pillar. We weren't going..

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