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Her death? Are there more song? Oh, yeah, I know We're not done yet, And they get in. They're gonna get easier. Those two songs I would say I believe were the hardest songs. Sons were very simple. Yeah, Yeah. I don't know what happened. You did? You did kind of you kind of lose your way on that. Yes. So I've got a couple more songs were still in the first round of the morning Ex Flex a challenge that will have to former show mates go head to head based on knowledge that kind of surrounds the old show that used to be a part of now we have each of them talking up songs hitting the post like a 97 ex jock would do from songs back in the day, and one of the other reasons were having Danielle in here is because we are partnering up with magic 94 9 to do the toy drive this year drew saves Christmas. Virtually but on site as well. The bone online dot com to donate or you can go out for the next hour or so and see Mike Olivera and everybody collecting toys I have to say. We had an organization drop off 46 bicycles, bringing our total up to 228. Wow. I'm so excited that I get to be like in the bike total. Now it's great and I want to thank Bob. Uh and Say what you will about them for the second year in a row. We got a huge bike delivery. From the local proud boys. You can. You can think whatever about them you'd like. There are a lot of mixed messages when it comes the media to be perfectly frank with you. I don't know what they're all about. I just know that for two years in a row, they've given us a bunch of bikes for toys for tots that kids are going to be able to get for Christmas presents this year. And that zoo all I need to know. Yeah, To be perfectly frank with you. Uh, All right, John. Um I will be going first. I believe if I'm not mistaken. Yes, yes, Our last song that nobody really seemed to know was walked by the Foo fighters. I would say. I would say that was kind of a wash. Yeah, if I'm being honest, Well, I mean, I think I want but okay? He did what he did kind of women. Are you okay? I didn't want I didn't want to, like, Put a bunch of bad on Daniel. I don't wanna be like, Oh, you're Mike wasn't working and you lost the first two songs and all this, but sometimes the truth. You guys really set me up for success. Appreciate I don't You know, I don't want my lump of coal talk up to go unnoticed and unappreciated. Okay, Here we go. Right. This is your next song. I think you guys will know this. I hope this is a true 97. Exxon. I hope so. From your dad just wants me in 321. Oh, sorry. I don't have you up. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Okay, We're never ready. 97 X. Tampa Bay's new rock alternative. Love this one gold on the ceiling all over the place. Is not this song, but it's a really good one. I thought it was black keys, but it's somebody else right here on 97 ex.

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