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It was Ray romano coming in a must-win park and they'll make bill brooks christie spike in balls left at scene that was. That was the hardest. I've ever had the watch anything. I can't believe what i was watching there. I i still can't believe that happened. That's okay so yes you can blame boon for putting those players shouldn't be in those positions in those positions but it's also the players who should never allow those positions to happen right. The top of the rosser that need to play better right. His team is actually going to do anything. This year So but like. I said i mean i'm happy. I mean i'm not happy. I wish the team had a tag game division lead but where they could have been where they are over. The last two weeks is night and day. They still have a long ways to go. I mean they have to do well against seattle here. They they have to win five out of these seven games against seattle in kansas city. And then go to chicago in not swept. That's the goal here for the next ten days But continue to be on the bad teams what they have to do when they've put themselves in this position where they have to do that. There's there's no more fucking now there's no more owed tip your hat to this guy who has a fifteen already but you shut the yankees down for four innings the anymore lopez. Builder that basically that. That's exactly what happened boone. Said he he if you if you heard him speak after the game you would have thought that it was nineteen ninety-six greg maddux. They say so. That's dot can't believe you still listen to all the press conferences i do. It's it's the funniest it's it's the best. Tv show every night. Like when there's the thing i'm like. Oh my god three outs than i. You know i get. I get close up the house ready for bed. Get in bed put on that in. It's like ten minutes of just the funniest stuff you'll ever hear it's unbelievable. They need the to put themselves in a position when they go to oakland for four games at the end of the month. That split is totally fine. Yeah that's what i have before we go. I'll run through kansas city in seattle. I lumped together to win five at seven there. That's not unreasonable. Baltimore six games last at lost. The other night hurts but they have to win. Five at six The white sox. You just can't get swept you can't happen angels. Four games left as have that. Make up one game at home. When three out of four. The boston in tampa series are keeping. You have to win but all thriller series. You have to go forward to against boston to one against tampa. That's probably the hardest thing they have to do. Oakland you can go to into toronto lauren. Three cleveland to one nets to unwind. I mean they have to win all the series pretty much except for one if they want to get to ninety six in the window division and then the twins braves rangers nine games there. They have to win six or seven of those it. it's doable. it's not outrageous. It's just the put themselves like. I said in a position where you cannot have one one bad day or it's it's off. If that happens that would be a pretty stunning turnaround for a team. That's been wildly inconsistent to this point in the season so it all happened. I think it ends up being like a six eighty. Five win percentage since the all-star break which is the yankee teams have done things like that they've gone on runs like that but it's a good with this with no all his idea. Yankee started off vertically if you think back to what was it two thousand eighteen when the team won like eighteen nineteen like crazy shit like that. They need something like like right here with this thirteen game. Stretch like they went through against miami. They went to three gets baltimore now. Seattle now kansas city if they go like eleven to hear that does wonders for this pace and they can even screw up a couple more times down the stretch. But it's tough but it can happen. Hey i needed to happen. They if this team gets wildcard spot. It's like gets a second wildcard spot lose burnt coal and then he can't fish the game three or four. It was a waste of the season anyway but if the team is playing better at the end of the year and actually wins the wildcard game and then can is playing well into the first first round of the playoffs that i don't know we'll forget about it if they win. But you're right. If they lose because garrett cole had to pitch wildcard game then it's obviously. We're all going to be disappointed. All right. I know you got to wrap it up. Neal thanks so much for joining and everyone listening if something crazy happens tonight because we're recording before thursday's game. I'll be back on to talk about it all right. Thanks joey gallo with his signature. Yankee moment according to michael kay. He dropped the signature. Yankee moment with the three run home. Run in the seventh-inning to give the yankees the lead they held on dear life. They held on Chapman made interesting as he usually does. Wouldn't say he was hit hard by any means in the ninth inning He certainly maybe didn't have his control but Couple of weird fluky things and then the ball of the warning track at the end the yankees got the win. So obviously i'm recording after. I just do the podcast that you heard with. Neil thanks for coming on. He we had to cut it short a little bit so ended a little abruptly he He also just had a baby pretty recently. And i get to go. Go watch him so we had to wrap up fairly quickly but Again thanks for neo for coming on. Go check out his show kief to the city he does it Pretty regularly Covers all new york sports but Definitely yankees as well so they. They came back. they beat. they beat seattle a game as neilan our talking about these are the teams. You absolutely have to beat if the yankees are going to make the playoffs. I still think they're most realistic chance to. The playoffs is through the wildcard..

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