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Because I like Carson Wentz a lot I like the idea of Jalen hurts. I Love Doug Peterson I think is one of the most forward thinking coaches in the NFL. But one thing Doug has always struggled with is messaging. I don't know he doesn't always get his words exactly right and this is one of those situations where I think he would have been far better shape saying nothing than saying what he did. Because I don't think anyone thought when they drafted Jalen hurts. Carson Wentz is on the clock. Oh clearly they drafted jalen hurts to replace Carson Wentz who nine months ago they great. They gave a record-breaking extension to so why say this I use a anecdote where a lot of viewers of F s one first time in fact all the viewers of F S One. First Time they ever saw me was when I was filling in for Colin Coward. Everyone knew that I was only there for one. Gallon was sick early vacation but if a week after they hired me. They sent out a press release. We want to make this very clear. Nick right is not here to replace. Collin cowherd all of a sudden. We really wait what well. I didn't think he was but maybe he is so. I don't know why they felt the need to say this wild like to me. This is Carson winces. Team Jalen hurts his there to supplement that and to help out carson gets hurt or to help out on some of the trick plays point conversions philly like so much but I just. I don't think this statement needed to be said Kevin. I liked the statement that the eagles the Yahoo reported that they would use jalen hurts as TESA mill on steroids. I thought that was perfect. Because then you're like great. We have maybe a backup quarterback. You love so much nick and we just have a crazy gadget. Guy Who can do a ton of things? I was talking to our producer. Tannock Catanha here's where mad in my quarantine phase. I'm looking at buying a Honda Z fifty. It's a small motorcycle that I can zip around the neighborhood in why I have no idea I can barely change my windshield wipers. But now I want to rebuild a bike not because it's going to replace the jeep just because it will be fun every throw up the graphic. Doug Peterson likes to have fun. The Guy Leads the League in fourth down attempts. He leads the League in two point attempts. Any leaves the League in two point. Conversions so hey he could've come out nick and said Jalen Guy. Excuse me Carson's Guy Jalen kind of like our fun guy and maybe eventually we'll have him as a backup agenda. I think it's a great move. Happy Jails on a team. I think it's just a fun addition.

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