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Ignoring multiple warnings here on the day of the shooting that the boy had a gun and was in a violent mood. Apparently he had shown other kids in school. I think he was the first grader kindergartner, the gun, he took it out of his backpack, put it in his pocket, showed it to other kids. Other kids apparently showed up to teachers and said, I think he's got a gun. And this teacher apparently also called down to the office, and no one took it seriously. And that's what she's really claiming. This is a lawsuit for gross negligence. The Newport new school board says in a statement to it is waiting for the legal documents. It also says it's thoughts and prayers remain right now with Abby's wonder and her ongoing recovery. And the board is working. They say, with the community to address safety. What does making slime have to do with a possible career in science? Kids for our area will get a chance to find out at the night of science coming up next week. When kids from kindergarten through high school had to the U.S. patent and trademark office in Alexandria next Wednesday night, they'll get a chance to get their hands dirty, really dirty. Or maybe make slime or build a rocket or do some other cool stuff. On Valentine, education program adviser with the USPTO explains that the night of science are not with leading Hispanics in stem, offers hands on experience along with information on careers from agencies including NASA. The focus is on encouraging Hispanic students to enter the stem fields but everyone's welcome. We want everyone to realize that they are all inherently creators. They're all inherently problem solvers, but it provides a glimpse into what their future could look like. Kate Ryan, WTO be news. The latest trend taking over the office these days is called Bayer minimum Mondays. It's a burnout prevention strategy created by TikToker, Marissa Jo Mays may sell CBS this week, the now viral concept is all about easing into the start of the work week. She keeps the first two hours of her Monday completely free and only schedules three tasks for the entire workday. Among the top

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