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Have we tom on the podcast charts no we got to do that please leave a review until your friends about the pod so we could pass mccully goals subscribe this is just sort of a like yeah definitely subscribe if you haven't this is just a chip on my shoulder right now i think like macaulay culkin went on falun and promoted his podcast and i got a fuck yeah oh yeah we got we just need we don't need to take him down we just needed get ahead of them we need to take we need to ruin his life i wanna ruin macaulay culkin's life i mean if just passing them on the pod charts we'll do that down to him it's your first threat on the pod bits go you can't really i guess like yeah if i murder anybody i'm like kind of fucked yeah you all here it's all this is creative so it's kinda like i think there's a loophole for it like you can't be like rap lyrics can't be evidence if you can murder somebody under parody la i did it as a did it as a goof yeah respect him he also macaulay culkin like the not to you know i i don't want to look he's he's his roster crazy of dating brenda song right now remember the hot asian girl and social network choose on the suite life of zack and code you remember she she was like andrew garfield girlfriend in that movie brenda song don't remember.

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