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East we've got storm emma on its way slightly less intimidating name to be honest i think they could have done a bit better on that but i must his tally market though i think both obese from the east is good i think the dutch name for this weather condition is even better it's called the siberian bear which is is just so much cooler will leave their leo thanks thanks very much mockup that's the world leo hornak there in london so here's the thing all that cold air in europe has to come from somewhere and whereas coming from is the arctic and on the other end of that flow it's been frequently warm it's been the warmest february on record in the arctic in fact including at least one day this week when it was warmer the north pole than it was in paris yeah really to try to make sense of all this recalling up copenhagen to speak with roof march rim she's a climate scientists that the danish meteorological institute dr modern has weather today in copenhagen not too bad right now he's about minus5 now is that minus ten when i got on my bike to rights alerts lori it's then celsius azam yes celsius r said it's been quite windy to can you tell us as briefly as you can't what is going on in general with the weather there in europe why are you getting all this cold and snow yeah i think i should say that to an extent the cold is not that unusual if you to come a long term it's just the last few years the pets quite some mild winters and we sort of the gulf today have it how cold when two can get so what we are actually seeing is the effective at the police fortex which has become quite well known in recent years into this is cold and that sort of swirls around in the arctic and this weakens annex of splitting two and so we have one bit sent today with baffin bay of greenland right now and another part of that is currently fixed davis scandinavia into your atiur knots allowed a lot of the cold at its in russia come of the holes in europe and to bring us always colds them and i know you're were generally focuses on the arctic and what's been.

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