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Let's try down by the old mill stream okay okay here we go down by a all man it doesn't sound right we both take the harmony they will do I'll carry the melody the first time through and you'll take on and then we'll try it again it will switch parts okay yeah we got down by the old moon moon moves but and well if that isn't No Way Out down by the room screen where join us again next week when we'll be back with father knows in our cast demand Norma Jean mills and bill Johnstone Gilstrap junior Tommy called Johnny McGovern and yours truly build so until next Thursday good night and good luck from the makers of Maxwell house America's favorite brand of always good to the last drop this was transcribed in Hollywood Mr Keane tracers lost persons brings you mystery tonight on NBC that is father knows best to broadcast from December thirteenth nineteen fifty one the robber young starring at Christmas show it was originally sponsored by Maxwell house coffee and last fall into the last track now and drinking some coffee that you need a copy of the lease of takes a nap she's an L. naps well I now stay up when these classic radio shows around she got sleeps in the corner that is incorrect Hey in a fetal position harl has a vivid imagine I have my coffee and I hop paying attention because here are two guards are produced through there she said giving me cues and things and we just keep things to has it so bad you nation in your mind when the shows are playing if your mind maybe you want me to go to sleep because I keep talking all right well we have tales of the Texas Rangers a little bit and then an hour long locks radio theatre miracle of the bells with Frank Sinatra and a Fred MacMurray and valley our lamb shall make sure to check our Facebook page with a great poster for that with pictures of all of these actors yeah they were in the movie and they're also on the radio show yeah let's take a quick break then it's more on the WGN radio theater.

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