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NFL, Commissioner, Farrell discussed on Devils at Winnipeg


Nfl cares about is whether you like they're commissioner or not you know because it does not affect whether you're watched the game so uh on the farrell part they clearly don't want a retreaded eric wedges the closest they've come the guys they they've interviewed now are rob thompson eric wage hensley meulens erin boone and chris woodward not exactly household names either around baseball in terms of management positions they want fresh and i'm okay with fresh i am i understand fresh i don't want to return those of you that think because i said i wanted to have had some experience means i want someone who's been around fifteen years and you know he's red ching deemed store walk allston nor a you know of earl weaver type no that's not what her watt i just wanna do been around the block once in a least have been behind the wheel once that's all i understand the view that fresh is better and i understand the view that younger is better with today's player and i i actually agree with all of that let me just say one other thing if if in fact arun boone got the job i wouldn't go crazy i would just say wow that's a risk fats a big risk i hope you know what you're doing um that's it that's all i would say uh not that it can't work because of corsican work and as i said i think our boone said everything right i really do uh steve brick next on the fan i state great job you what's going on i wanna give you i wanna give it analyses to watch it talking about this morning most of the all right and that's obviously the yankees other rollsroyce of baseball they had a a an excellent manager who brought them very far and obviously with better players will only bring ba author when i'm not here to talk about uh the uh the yankees fingerrolls roy of.

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