USF, Jordan Macleod, Clarence Lewis discussed on Chicago's College Tailgate


Don't even know who their starting quarterback now will be Jordan Macleod, But he also wasn't the only quarterback to play last week. But this offense for USF lack speed lacks athleticism. And it will show early and often. So the USF offense you mention Jordan Macleod, Noah Johnson, the other quarterback there, maybe split time. It's an offensive like to spread it out and run. They had 30 yards, albeit against the Citadel defensive side of the ball for Notre Dame, one of the keys to stopping the Bulls. They gotta be physical. Their game is built on penetration as well and really be able, especially with current Highness in his veteran experience. Not only could you get that penetration but kind of play to positions of stopping the run, forcing the quarterback to run or playing that quarterback, forcing the handoff to funnel it back. Clark Lee no doubt has a plan for that. Well, the secondary a little bit down today because Kyle Hamilton and Tariq Bracey both ruled unavailable. So in that secondary, who do you think has to step up and fill those voids Clarence Lewis, the freshman out of New Jersey, out of the same matter, Day high school. And one of the things when I talk to coaches, they thought he played like a veteran as a rookie. And remember, it wasn't like usual, you know, usual freshmen coming to campus. This has been completely different than any other off season. So for him, Clarence Lewis tohave that set about him shows a willingness and ability that we may not have seen here in a long time. And I also expect to see Nick McCloud played very well. I don't think they're going downfield, Tony, They're not gonna have the time. I think it's gonna be a big game fries a false key. I really also want to see Myron tongue of my low almost After he's one of my favorite players on this defense of great guy was better back from injuries, and this is a game that could give him great confidence. Defensive line was something the USF coaching staff mentioned All week was gonna be tough to contain two minutes and 10 seconds away from kicking off here between Notre Dame And South Florida. Shawn Crawford, one of the five Notre Dame captain's, He's headed out to midfield for the coin toss and different from years past. This is the on ly. He's the only one out there. 11 captain from each team going out there. It looks a little different done that Tony. It does. And Notre Dame, of course, has five captains this year. But as you mentioned only one because of the different protocols this season and those protocols covert really kind of hitting the team, Notre Dame Today Some other teams are on college football, one that's also elected.

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