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Go to Hawthorne race course when it's available to you bet on the horses and have a great all time to get pics from the great Jim Miller on the right your call show and the odds because that's right and Carmen your car in the studio hello gentlemen how are you doing hello how are you doing over here good good excellent hang in and nice looking T. piece here's Johnny thank you Scottsdale Scottsdale that's where you got a lot of the stadium club this is sawgrass sorry I got the wrong one Sagres and this is the stadium over there that's it got this one in twenty twelve when I went down there with my brother that's right I remember good good times brighter couples being played up here Madonna yes yeah I'm not sure on that I shot out of there teddy Greenstein story from that day from where from the the Ryder Cup the other Sunday the colors they from Saturday or Sunday this would be on Wednesday we did sports talk live beforehand yes from the course that the diet yes and teddy was supposed to be on the show when he was doing interviews he was late and I like teddy not late for something I can see teddy from the set and we're on like a minute and he comes running he's sweating it's hot and he gets to offense and it's probably like a six foot fence snow fence yeah so she's trying with this recorder whatever he's got with them his gear trying to climb over said fence and it's kind of sharp at the top and I'm watching this careful and a little girl maybe all ten not three feet to the right opens up the fence gate walks right very almost falls over she goes Sir good one of the funniest things I've ever you go I once said walking through the consumer when you said that Madonna I think they used to funnel the media through an entrance that took you into the parking lot and then that's for the players would pull their courtesy cars and you know and when they get to the course and I remember walking in this wasn't the right approach yeah by the pro shop where the regular parking light is for the members but then it gets converted into where they all bring in so it's a Buick is the sponsor the PGA tour they're all pulling in their view extract I'll never forget walking by Davis love this was not the Ryder Cup this is like the six PGA championship like there's Davis love just popping the trunk it is clubs out of his back you're out of the back of the truck you know Mike Davis because I don't right yeah I mean this closes me cap are you know my kid it's Davis love gives clubs out of his check yeah we saw tiger and he's literally a Buick SUV is caddy and they popped up and he's put his shoes on it all right let's go I'm a ghost like me going to the court as the best story from by the rider Cup that weekend while not the best but like the memorable one was on the weekend when Rory McElroy they said was out to a party the night of her archaeon got hammered miss you know slept through the wake up calls or whatever in labor literally like getting us police say the escort you know from wherever he was staying to the golf course he was running out of it he right is that the story is there anyone out he played great I think yes people call you don't call her the night before and had a done warm up like tucking his shirt into these run with the team at that this is like a Sunday morning he's going out there and it was the only state police moved everything in the world to get into the tea time on time yeah and then the other side doing what we doing here and play for us what do you think in place for you to put the human rain delay and you could accidentally held them somewhere that's what I wanted done oh my god about pulling on the other side of the road so here's a great story tiger wins the PGA and what like two thousand two thousand and then again in sixty one both okay so it was six then might have been the name it was ninety nine or two thousand Madonna and then sex okay so tiger wins the tournament so your pain is what one point five for that you know probably ten million bill Wagner a little bit less yeah one one two million okay so when you win it's protocol obviously your caddie gets a percentage probably ten ten percent of yeah seven percent of top tens five percent of what you call you missed the cut you get X. amount okay yeah but you would tip the club house attendance and the guy running already correct everybody's getting duped yes so tiger wins leaves the intimate already hip to the lockers my god Bob Verdy no I love so I've heard the star who is a member at midnight yeah two weeks later there at the next event birds was a golf writer at the time then for guiding golfer golfed idea he walks up on the range there's tiger hidden lots of we heard this year I've heard these no go ahead I'm leaving he walks up it goes tiger how are you congradulations on VGA said thanks Bob he said that you have a good time at the course golf course is great I'm a member there my guys take care of you yep Hey everybody in the clubhouse we gonna be it yeah great great then here's the address here's the names of the guys I'll assume it was an oversight I need to check sent there the tiger said the money they said within two days Pfenex and the guy in the pro shop I mean in the clubhouse what I've told still has the letter that was included with it was an oversight sorry Michael labor side sure one point two to four million for that specific okay for him Sean McKeel finished second seven thirty and they said that the check was exceptionally generous Abidjan hi forgetting I better make this right like I'm Matt coucher situation going on here that you don't forget that kind of right in Bob's got the skins on the wall to be able to walk the tiger not for nothing can shouldn't forget about anything well that's true man just trying to pay somebody else a lot less than you normally would I guess tiger can conveniently say he just forgot it was an oversight in many countries defense I like to play both sides of of the coin just offered up he could have said I reached an agreement with the individual that he was going to be my caddie for X. amount of dollars yeah he's an adult I'm an adult we both agreed in that's what it was regardless of where I was going to finish that's a bad you're gonna get paid that me yeah right so could have been a bad deal now he won you think your little overjoyed you may go ahead take care your guy anyway yeah and that's where the criticism was being a stickler for the rules that we agreed quarters garners that my good buddy Simic of ours from Jacksonville wanted to bust my chops and that reports got out he's actually a good nobody saying he's not a good guy but in this one instance he decided to be a tad bit cheaper yes exactly there we go and life goes on yeah just life is that been affected he's still playing good golf right Sam Kumar's she's still getting older than dust down there in Jacksonville and the candy got his money yeah everybody's yeah forty K. forty K. so I don't know whatever way it's usually ten percent seventy percent of it that's normally what it is ten seven five carbs seven for top ten five for you go make cut whatever it is and then if you missed the cut it's an X. mode ever it is that you work for the the couple around right yeah okay whoops Giralda worse he's looper he said that he had paid him five grand a fraction of the one point two six million Jeez and he ends up let's see could your increase girl Ortiz's payment to fifty thousand so that's why I know you might even what you normally give your caddy but you're getting fifty grand that's nice the PGA tour player that really came out criticized Hey somebody ran into mom somebody dead somebody said something like that this guy is being done to get out of my I remember well they did quote the coucher said look I regret my actions but the statement telling golf dot com for a guy who makes two hundred a day five thousand in a week's a big week all that's that's nice for a guy Macon thirty cents a day me paying the dollars that much better right yeah that doesn't even though the minimums twelve stop that doesn't float anywhere in the world it was Tom Gillis ratatouille is jealous he sowed player Tom Gillis yeah still be kills his brother yes it'll be yellow the brother pretty crazy man what was the thing you had from the governor of the Nebraska he reckons yeah Peter I would like to hear that audio we heard it I mean we listened to it it reminded us of tropic thunder now now he now he has admitted to saying it yeah I mean he apologized yeah what is he thinking yeah I guess I was thinking like what's he just ingrained in him I'm all done it's a people thing came out we heard in tropic thunder before well yeah it's in trouble does apparently movie right but it made a point about making the point eight in a comical way to let you know it was a legitimate point you know right correct made the point about making the point to make you know you know I'm away to let you know it's a very legitimate points he's been going on radio in Omaha he did a great city by the way underrated if you've never been it's a very good city I've driven through it I'm like oh no no no yeah I would be on stuff there Pappy on city south of it they've got a brewing company down there some of the finest beer I had that one of the best Irish Reds I've had the country down there that he issued a statement he did go on the leading African American talk show that they invited him to come on as the governor and he did it but he said in a statement I chose my words poorly and apologize when it became apparent that I had caused offence remind you had you think Tom Rick is always like a woman tuscon AZ brothers and his dad being like can you guys just shut up thank you yes I'm talking yeah now you know it's hard you guys are killing me it's hard for Tom reckons to be responsible for anything his brother does his brother does and thinks the ways rather than his brothers not on the board anymore and says whatever he wants to say it's like holding Jimmy Carter responsible for Billy Carter used to say remember Billy bear and all that stupidity you're not responsible for what members your families if they're adults what they do they're responsible for themselves the last time Joe because the stink you know we sort of said the same thing people did.

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