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Right now. Inbound Kennedy about a half an hour. Oh, here to downtown 46 on the inbound Eisenhower 3 92, the old post office. I'm Vicky Jacuzzi and W g M traffic. Central grand jury's been impaneled in New York to consider an indictment against former President Trump Prosecutors plan to present evidence in a criminal investigation into Trump in his company that could also expand to include family members. 74 year old denies doing anything wrong calls The move a political witch hunt. President Biden will visit Tulsa, Oklahoma next week to mark the 100 Year anniversary of a race massacre that left hundreds dead in 1921, a white mob joined by local police. Attacked a successful black section of the city. They burned the neighborhood to the ground, destroying more than 1000 homes and businesses. More than 300 people were killed Last week, The final known survivors of the massacre urged Congress to consider paying reparations to the neighborhood. Covert cases continue to drop sharply across the country down around 26,000 over the past month. Covert 19 deaths also continue to fall, 358 reported in the US yesterday. That's the same day the vaccination right for US adults jumped above 50% some more bad news for folks who work at the Chicago Ford Assembly plant on the far South side. It is shutting down again thousands of workers expected to be laid off, they shut down due to the continued global semiconductor shortage. And now with WGN sports Here's Andy Maser pose. They have radio homer drove in four runs the White Sox over the Cardinals 8 to 3 last night, a guaranteed rate field. Lucas Giolito, beating his former high school teammate Jack Clarity to get the victory, his second in a row Whites. I stick the first two games of the series, they go for the sweep this afternoon. Cardinals have lost three straight in the Cubs are taking full advantage of that. After 43 win in Pittsburgh last night. They're just a half a game behind the Cardinals in the central Division job. Peterson with a pair of home runs in the whole thing came up with form or shut out innings. Craig Kimbrel recording to save Cubs have wants seven of their last nine. Nico Horner. The left the game with a left hamstring strain. He may miss some time. Cleveland Indians right hander Zach Police Act down the 10 day injured list, the result of breaking the thumb on his pitching hand while yanking off his undershirt after a rough outing. He caught the thumb on a chair in the locker room while doing that on Sunday. The injury occurred after he was touched for five runs in the fourth inning of loss of the Twins known it's a word on how long he will be out. The Chicago sky fell to the Atlanta Dream yesterday. The final score 90 to 83. I'm Andy Maser, WGN sport from the permissible Weather Center. Mostly cloudy showers this morning and then drawing out with sunshine for the rest of the day behind your 84. Mostly clear tonight alone 52 then mostly cloudy,.

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