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Press I've never clean off my desk in closets anyway so they are deciding where do you see Scarlett do you see her with the marriage story people do you see with the Joe Joe people I see you what time channel boy they could decide they didn't say but then you have Alfie Allen do you know Alfie Allen Alfie Allen is Ian Jo Jo and also game of thrones the fields to the little boy listen I don't know I think he is nine I would believe so but I wonder I mean I'm not only up today with game of the role itself he told the SAG award he wants to sit with game of thrones but he also wants to be close to Jo Jo and then as well wants to sit with Joe Joe but wants to be close to his boss seniority star Michelle Williams I this is a good thing or not for a wedding our our hard this I mean with all your a list yes all Nicole Kidman Nicole wait what do you think she picked big little lies a bombshell wrong I want to be with threes you don't right I don't think you you gotta go Reese on that one got it just got easier night it so she you is sitting near Nicole Kidman tomorrow night at the SAG awards will be sitting with the big little lies cast but obviously wants to be close to the bomb shop cast sure so many complications we have to figure this seating arrangement out yeah that would be very difficult would you like to be a seat filler at one of these award shows I'm I would like if I was writing a story about it I would think that would be fine yeah I don't think the story well maybe you should get that assignment come with you life flight times in the seat filler at the SAG awards of that kind of thing but at the ones that are in regular auditorium yeah they do like at Oscars well the speaking of the Oscars there only a few weeks away when when so early when are they happening this year in nine okay not that I know right well you know every year there's always a fun story about what all of the nominees are going to be gifted because we do yeah none the less for small companies it can be a big opportunity to get your products in the hands of the academy award nominees and winners you get a lot of press out of it yep we certainly had local brands from the Twin Cities before and we've got one again one that you might not expect talk about a brand that is really making inroads she knows what she's doing she's been on our show its essence one natural body care in beauty Lauren van school a who is the founder of essence one we had her she joined us at the state and they're like two years ago she did the minutes so buzz Minnesota on there yeah and he has all these natural beauty products we actually found her we met her for the very first time at a pop up at Rosedale when we were doing a live broadcast right shop girls that's right yes it goes back to the but all she she's she is that you have first of all people should know you have to pay a fee yeah I have something in the school yard yes not just it's like making a decision in advertising decision absolutely in fact I thought it was really interesting because she said in an article that I read actually the Star Tribune she said that there was a deals and steals segment on Good Morning America that they were in last year and they got a brief mention in the thirty second appearance on their made their business go from a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sales in twenty eighteen to more than five hundred thousand last year so I mean you know it does make a difference so there including the in the swag bag at the Oscars sixty one dollar package of body oil basalt and aromatherapy sleep products and it all the hope is that the celebrities will use these and mention them when they're on you know broadcast or whatever and that it will help so we have other news actually about essence one and their store at Rosedale but I don't think we have time to get right now so you're going to keep listening we will get to that and we will get to whose look is it anyway wow do we have some diseases yes that is straight ahead on job growth is sags.

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