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These different browsers are competing against each other. But there's kind of only two major lineages. There is the mosaic lineage. And then all those engineers left and without looking back at the old code they wrote new code called mozilla and everything is basically either from mosaic or mozilla. And there's been different stuff over the years with web kid and with whatever other. I don't know where operas derived from but it's amazing. How much of the browser market share overtime really just comes from those two and it all still funnels through to today. yep which is crazy yup. It's a fun to actually have the rain. Excuse now to be able to tell this whole story on acquired right they can always felt like netscape was kinda. There was a point in the choir. It's life where we would've done a whole episode on netscape but now like i don't know that we can do and this is the perfect vehicle. I'm so glad to do it totally. Well thank god from the lessons of netscape and allowed cloud which were about to go into became the the ashes upon which the phoenix of a landscape changing venture firm would come from so we the excuse. The fire fox have venture firms. So i mean honestly after the financial crash when all the funding like is not crazy to call it a fire fox or a phoenix or whatever in founding a venture firm in two thousand nine and deploying capital the way they did ahead. I know we'll get there absolutely. If you want to be a really nerdy you could call it. The thunderbird of i used to use thunderbird. I thought it was great. Yeah okay so back to the story ben and his team. They've realized this market opportunity. They've got this idea for a cloud computing cloud infrastructure so. We hooks up with two of his court team..

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